Fairie Josephine Mallory b 21 Nov 1892 in Forrestson, daughter of Edwin Grant Mallory and Ida May Cotherman.   Jasper Benjamin Mallory b 1831 was her grandfather.   Jasper came to Stephenson Co when he was five.     Fairie married Professor Robert Engles in Freeport in 1923.    Engles was a professor of economics at the University of Chicago (The Chicago School of Economic) and was an associate of Milton Friedman, the Noble Prize Winner.      Fairie's son, Rear Admiral Ray Engles, was on the Nautilus when it went under the North Pole.  Admiral Engles commanded the US Naval base at Guam during WWII.
Fairie Josphine Mallory 21 Nov 1892 Forreston Stephenson Co d 14 Aug 1978 Chicago Woodland Hospital at 85 = 10 Jul 1923 Freeport Robert H Engle, Ph D University of Chicago Fought in WWI d 15 Jan 1985 (Albert H Engle = Fannie Craft)
Bob Engle was a professor of economics at the University of Chicago and Faerie taught some classes there also.  Bob was a bit pompous and dignified.  We shared an aromatic experience.   At a family picnic he took to the outhouse.  Our combined weight broke the floor and we sunk up to our waists in (you know what.)  There was a lot of commotion and I think my Mom and Dad gave some though to---should they clean me or raise another boy.  The experience gave a certain kind of outlook on life and Bob never seemed to be quite the dignified professor after that!  I didn’t know their son, Richard, very well, but Ray and I spent a week fishing with Ruth Conn in 1947 just before he went to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis , Maryland .  Ray went into the submarine service and was an officer on the atomic sub Nautilus when it made the trip under the ice at the North Pole.  He retired as a Rear Admiral and was the commanding officer for the Guam Naval Base.
When my daughter, Suzanna, went to Chicago to enroll in the University Divinity school, Faerie walked her into the office of the dean of religious studies, Martin Marty, and told him she wanted to take the PhD curriculum and needed a job and a place to live.   Suzanna got her PhD in Religious History and Philosophy.  She worked at the University Press and edited and typed the Nobel winning thesis, submitted by Milton Friedmann.” by Ernest James Bird b 5 Aug 1921, son of Olive Rose Mallory and Frank Bird.  Suzanna mentioned above is Deborah Suzanne Bird b 1951. 
“...Was canned from subs, my first love, because I was one of the 36 of us the day after Raving Ray Engle said “none could have them.”    (Speaking of Engle’s ban on motorcycles) Spent the last years of my Navy career as a Rickover reject aboard tenders and then got out.”  Doug “Sharkey” Chartie



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