Allen Boyer


Born Union (now Snyder) County, Pa., March 29; son John Reinhart and Anna Maria Sehambach Boyer; married Leah Jordan, Feb. 16, 1840; eleven children. United Ch. of B., 1836; installed deacon, 1841, by Eld. John Kline; minister, 1862; elder, 1901. His father, a Lutheran, and mother, German Reformed, had dedicated him to the Lutheran ministry. Because they were poor, Allen was hired out to Eld. Isaac Myers of Buffalo Valley church, Pa., at six dollars a month when he was sixteen. Thus he was led into the Church of the Brethren. The Boyers drove through from Pennsylvania to Lena, Ill., being on the way from May 19 to June 21, 1846. One horse was their own; the other was borrowed from Dr. Voight, who arrived the following season. We are indebted to Boyer for the preservation of church publications, many of which are now housed in the "Brethren Publishing House."



Brethren In Northern Illinois and Wisconsin, page 152; by John HECKMAN and J.E. MILLER
Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois - 1941
Submitted by: Layne A. Holley on 4⁄22⁄02




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