September 1997 Queries

Anne Duchess      Mon Sep 15 17:42:29 1997
Searching LORENZEN, Fred H. born 1895 in Stockton, IA;
TURNER, Melzar H. died 10 Dec 1884 in Rockford, IL;
DOCHES, Michael J. born 8 Oct 1916 in Farmington, IL;
OSBORNE, William J. born 17 Dec 1888 in Freeport, IL;
WATKINS, William E. born 30 Mar 1866 in Rockford, IL;
WATKINS, Nathan W. born 20 Oct 1838 in Cattaraugus Co, NY;
KELLY, Anna L. born 22 Apr 1896 in Savanna,IL.
Please contact me if you have any info :))
Nico Nanninga      Mon Sep 15 06:07:39 1997
Hi, I am looking for family of Frederick NANNINGA born around 1890, moved to US around 1920 to take over cow farm. His last know address was Freeport, Stephenson County, IL. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks in advance Nico at
linda jones      Sat Sep 13 16:56:52 1997
My great grand father was born in Freeport,Stephenson,Illinois. His name was Charles C. CADE. His birth date was 26⁄Nov⁄1841. His parents were John CADE b.Feb 1790 and Margaret SLATER or ATER. On her marriage record she listed as Margret NICHOLES in Vermillion Ind. If any one has information, I would be very greatful.
Steve Jacobson      Wed Sep 10 13:44:06 1997

I need marriage dates for Jacob T. PETREE and Cora SPANGLER may be 1916 but could later in 1925-26, Or someone give me the address for the court house or maybe a trip to the court. I will share on this PETREE marriage.

Mary Ann Moss      Sat Sep 13 1997

I am trying to find information on my Father's Mother's side. My grandmothers maiden name was FAWVER. From the family Bible it says that she was born on December 25, 1877 in Stephenson Co, Illinois to George Franklin and Harriet Moss Fawver. My grandmothers name was Bessie May Fawver.

Also, from old news clippings there was a Phillip Fawver who died at Freeport, Illinois sometime in October of 1914, from a automobile accident at Black Hawk Monument, and a Moses Fawver who died in Lancaster Township around the late 1890's or early 1900's, from a farming accident. I believe both of these gentlemen were brothers of George Franklin Fawver. I also, believe that George and Harriet where married in Freeport, Illinois, since Harriet was from Illinois. In one of the news clippings they had spelt the family name Fauver, which is a misspelling. They were members of the United Brethren Church. Moses Fawver widow Ella Fawver ran a boardinghouse in Rockford, per her obituary, but the family resided in Freeport. Phillip had thirteen (13) living children at the time of his death, and Moses had eleven (11).

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