Amy Robey

The truth of the assertion that the old must die and the young may die has been demonstrated in the neighborhood during the past week by the death of Mr. George Lutts, a man of 60, and Miss Amy Robey, a lovely young girl of 19. For over half a year poor Amy fought against that grim destroyer, consumption, with all the power and vigor of her young life, but it was of no avail; the final summons had come and must be obeyed in spite of the heroic struggle of her youthful constitution and the ceaseless prayers of a vast host of friends. During her long illness no murmur of complaint escaped her lips. Life was very sweet to one of her gentle disposition and pleasant surroundings, but if it were god's will she was ready to go, for if there ever was a Christian, Amy was one. She set her house in order and gave up the unequal struggle during forenoon of Wednesday and sank in to the dreamless, eternal sleep of death on earth to awaken in a more perfect and beautiful life in the realms above. The funeral was one of the largest, most impressive and saddest that ever occurred here, as she was a great favorite among both young and old, the little ones of her Sunday School Class weeping as if their little hearts were broken. Her aged grandparents, Uncle Levi Robey and wife, who raised her from infancy, her mother dying when she was but a few days old, can scarcely become reconciled to their terrible loss.
Submitted by: Randy Campbell on 17 Jan 2000

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