Ester Lavina Hayes-Gould-Bullock

Died, yesterday morning, at Winslow, Mrs. Geo. Bullock, aged about 70 years. She, together with he first husband, Mr. Gould, were among the early settlers of Winslow. The funeral will probably take place Tuesday, or as soon as her children (John and Mary) can reach here from Nebraska. The old settlers of Winslow are rapidly passing to the life beyond.
"Freeport Weekly Democrat" Dec. 7, 1888, supplemental, page 5, column 2, Friday. This is the obituary for Ester Lavina Hayes 1823-1888. She was first the wife of Obadiah Gould, 1807-1863, then she married George L. Bullock in 1864. She lived in Winslow since 1855.
Submitted by: Cynthia Gould on 19 Nov 2001

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