DIED (Amanda McDonald-Robey)

In Waddams township, on Friday March 19, 1869, Mrs. Amanda, wife of Cyrus A. Robey, Esq., of typhoid fever, age 24 years, 4 months and 21 days. Mrs. Robey was a rather weak constitution and this terrible disease was more than her system could stand. She was a pure Christian, had been a member of the Presbyterian church for a number of years; and when she knew she was going to that home where suffering and sorrow never enters, she called her husband to her side and said, "Do not grieve for me--I am not afraid to die," and then requested him to give her little daughter, six months old, to his mother to bring up, departed this life calmly and hopefully. Who would not wish to die like those Whom God's own spirit deigns to bless? To sink into that soft repose Then wake to perfect happiness? Mrs. Robey was the daughter of Mr. John and Mrs. Samantha McDonald, of Jo Daviess County, Ill.
Submitted by: Randy Campbell on 17 Jan 2000

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