Roy Raymond Smull

LOSES LIFE IN ACCIDENT - Young Roy Smull of Near Dakota Killed on Sunday Afternoon - RIFLE Is DISCHARGED
Victim Was Passing It to Companion over Fence-Dies 46 Minutes Later.
In a distressing firearms accident Roy Raymond Smull, the 15 year old son of William Smull, who resides in the town of Rock Run, a mile and a half northeast of the village of Dakota, lost his life on Sunday afternoon.
In company with George Johnson, age 12 or 13, the son of a neighbor, young Smull started off about 2 o'clock in the afternoon to hunt gophers. They had with them a 22-calber rifle belonging to Johnson. About half past 4 o'clock they decided to return home in order to do their chores. Nearing the John- son home, young Johnson climbed a fence ahead of his companion, who then passed him the rifle be- climbing over himself. The weapon was at full cock and was presented to Johnson butt first. John seized it and happened to grasp it by the trigger, discharging the gun. The bullet struck Smull on the right side and entered his body between the seventh and eighth ribs. It went clear though the unfortunate boy's body and came out at the back two inches to the right of the spine.
Young Smull was carried to the Johnson home and Dr. Butterfeild of Rock City was summoned, But the boy died a minutes after his arrival. The accident occurred at 4:35 and death came forty-five minutes later.
Dr. J.G. Woker of Pearl City, the coroner, was notified of the accident and held an inquest last evening at the Johnson home. Members of both families were present. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death and exonerated young Johnson from blame.
Besides his parents the unfortunate boy leaves four brothers as follows: Elmer Fraser, A half brother of White, S. D.; Jacob Smull of Cedarville; Henry and William at home. He was a promising youth and his death is much regretted.
The funeral will be held tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. at the house and 2 o'clock at the M.E. church. Rev. E. Dawe will officiate, and interment will be in the Dakota cemetery.
Freeport Daily Bulletin Monday June 9, 1913 Page 1, Column 1. Submitted by: Justine Kamlager-Pennewell-Larson on 20 April, 2002

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