Charles Kappes

Charles Kappes, 82, died in North Dakota in his home on Wednesday, 8⁄14⁄1968. He was survived by his wife, Sadie, his daughter Bertie of Oakes and Fern of Bismarkck, ND; a step-son, Emmett Hegwood, and a sister, Sister Hiltrudis of Randolph, SD. Ms. Mary Batchelder of Stockton is a niece and Lawrence and Raymond Kappes of Stockton are nephews. He is buried at Oakes, SD.
Newsclippings saved by my grandmother; Julia (Peirce) White, who lived in Warren at the time of her death. Possibly these obits are from the Freeport and⁄or Rockford papers.
Submitted by: Nancy A White on 19 June 2001

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