Louis Schlamp

INSTANT DEATH BY DISCHARGE OF GUN - Louis Schlamp Accidentally Killed At The Rosenstiel Farm
Part of skull blown away by full charge of shot gun
Hammer Was Caught in the Wires of Fences at Barnyard -- Had Been Given Permission to Shoot Tame Pigeons
Louis Schlamp, the sixteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schlamp, living south of the city near the Rosenstiel farm was instantly killed Wednesday evening by the accidental discharge of a shot gun. The charge of shot entered his head through the right eye and came out through the back of his head.
Mr Howard Rosenstiel has a great many tame pigeons or doves on his farm and had given the boys in the neighborhood permission to shoot them. Young Schlamp had left his home, about forty rods from the Rosenstiel home shortly before super time, telling his mother that he was going over to the Rosenstiel barn yard to shoot a few pigeons. Mr. Rosenstiel saw the boy in the yard and spoke to him. At that time young Schlamp was sitting on a fence post as though waiting for the doves to light on the barn. He had a single barreled shot gun with him, the butt of which was resting on the ground. It is supposed that while picking the gun up the hammer caught on the wires of the fence and discharged the gun.
Mr. Rosenstiel heard the report of the gun and looking around saw the lad fall from the post. He hurried to him, but saw at a glance that the boy was beyond all help. In the meantime the father and an older brother had returned from their work in Freeport where they are employed as moulders and were eating their supper. Other member of the family were out in the front yard and were spoken to by a gentleman in a rig. Mr. Schlamp heard the remark and told his oldest son Henry that he had best go over to the Rosenstiel arm and see if his brother Louis had gotten into trouble. The young man started at once and was followed a few minutes later by the father. When the father reached the Rosenstiel gate he was met by his oldest son who told him that Louis was dead. Dr. M. M. Baumgartner, acting coroner, was notified, as was also William Koenig. The remains were brought to Freeport where they were prepared for burial. The funeral will be held from St. Joseph's church at 9:30 o'clock tomorrow morning and interment will be at the German Catholic cemetery. Rev. Fr. Nettis will officiate.
Louis Schlamp was sixteen years old and was the second oldest of the family. He was born near the present home of his parents and lived there all his life with the exception of three years during which time the family lived in Freeport. He attended the St. Joseph parochial school. Surviving him are his parents and six brothers and three sisters.

The Inquest
Deputy Coroner Baumgartner held an in quest on the remains at the Howard Rosenstiel home this morning. The verdict of the jury was that the deceased had come to his death by the accidental discharge of a twelve gauge breach loading shot gun while it was in his possession. The following composed the jury: Wm. Figeley, foreman; Ed Rosenstiel, Frank Miller, Richard Dickman, Fred Griffin, and Ben Heeren."
FREEPORT DAILY JOURNAL on Thursday July 9, 1908, page 1. Submitted by: Vinita Lynch Shaw on 18 Mar 2002

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