James C. Mallory

(8) First Sgt James C Mallory 8 Feb 1835 near Paw Paw Grove, Vermilion Co. Illinois Enlisted Sgt 1st Class 7 Nov 1861,Joined Company F 46th Infantry 30 Dec 1861 Hospitalized 11 Apr 1862 died 10 Aug 1862 27 y 2 ms 3 d  (Adjutant General’s Report) St Louis Mo (in hospital) He became ill during the battle of Shilo. GAR #98 Silver Springs Cemetery, Stephenson Co. Illinois = 4 Jul 1858 by HW Linahen Freeport Stephenson CO IL bride under 18 (Marriage Index) Susan (Susannah) Ellen Rowray 1840 res Potter PA, came to US at age 3 from Germany, Lived in Ohio d 1874 Mo (brother John Wesley Rowray) (William Roway = Mary Spitler 4 Jul 1825 Union Co PA, this relationship is undetermined but they had a daughter Susie of Freeport) (John F Roway c 1800 Germany  = Mary Catherine____)  (After James’ death, Susan married 21 Sep 1862 Stephenson Co IL  (Minister of Seventh Day Adventist Church) Thomas Jefferson Hathaway 8 Sep 1831 Vermilion Co Stephenson Co IL “a red head” served in Civil War  d 28 Dec 1910 Media, Henderson Co IL bur Stronghurst, Illinois) She got a military pension for the boys, but Hathaway didn’t want the children so they went to live with Grandpa Dewitt Clinton and grandma Ellen Brown) (Thomas Hathaway, father of Thomas Jefferson Hathaway, had married Ellen Brown’s sister, Sarah Ellen Brown, and they lived in Vernon Co. MO.  Sarah Brown was sister of Ellen Brown who married DWC Mallory) (Susan Rowray and Thomas Jefferson Hathaway had the following children: Sarah Ellen “Elia” Hathaway; Caroline Jane “Carrie” Hathaway 29 Jul 1867 Freeport d 8 Jul 1941 Salem OR = 2 Mar 1885 Nevada MO Frank Otto Needham; Zachariah Alonzo Hathaway; Charles Nippert “Charley” Hathaway; and Elizabeth Ameda Hathaway 16 May 1873 Media, IL d 1882.  Thomas J Hathaway married (2) 21 Nov 1881 Vernon Co MO Catherine Mary Holland  No known issue) After the death of Susan, Rev Thomas Hathaway married 20 Mar 1878 (div 21 Nov 1881) Catherine Mary Holland a prostitute. (Note: Robert Hathaway had children John, Thomas b 1808 = Sarah Brown, Mary = James Sprouls, Huldah = Israel Blayer, George 1816, Catherine = William Hays, Hannah c 1823 = John (Johannes) Stotser, Daniel = Mary Atkinson, Robert = Susanna, Nancy = Osborne, Isaac.  Robert and Susanna had a child John that ended up living with Hannah and John Stotser at age 9)
Robert Hathaway, born ca 1771 N.J., d. 4 Jan.1856, Lancaster Twp., Stephenson Co., IL; wife Mary, b. ....; d. before 1850 (from Deed records, Monroe Co., O); one descendant thought her name King or Kent. Robert appears: 1810 Fed. Census Harrison Co., VA., War of 1812 -
Roll of Capt. John Howell's Company, Belmont Co., OH, 3 Sept. 1813; 3 Jan. 1814; and 16 Mar 1814, as Sgt. 1820 Fed. Census of Belmont Co., OH, York Twp.; 1830 Fed. Census Monroe Co., O. Tax lists; 1841 Robert and Mary deed lands Monroe Co. to Yoho; 28 Oct. 1850, Fed. Census living with dau. Hannah and husband John Stotzer in Rock Run Twp., Stephenson Co., IL, with no wife.
“When Mother (Carrie Hathaway) was seven and Aunt Ella was eleven their mother, Susan (Rowray) passed away. (1874) They had adored her and their lives were never the same again.  Their father (Thomas Hathaway) left the five children with his parents, Thomas Sr and Sarah (Brown), and went West and traveled for years.
Grandfather (Thomas) Hathaway was a Seventh Day Adventist minister and he preached to the people as he traveled about the country.  He came as far west as Oregon during his travels and visited in most of the western states.  He carried a muzzle-loader shotgun with which he hunted.  He traveled by raft on the rivers and at times traded with the Indians.  He brought back Indian craftworkand he gave Mother (Carrie Needham) a pair of buckskin beaded mocaasins (sic) and a beautiful beaded purse which are still among the family keepsakes.  Later in his travels he went to Arkansas and Oklahoma, including the Ozark mountain region.  After Euell (Needham) was a young boy Granfather gave him the shotgun which Euell used for years to hunt with.
                   After Grandfather (Thomas) Hathaway grew older he quit traveling and lived with his children’s families.  He was loved by all of them and was always welcome in their homes.  He helped Mother (Carrie Needham) with the babies and work around the home.  She had a rocking cradle for her babies and Grandpa would set by the hour, rocking with his foot and singing to the babies.  He also lived with Uncle Charley (Hathaway) and Aunt Ada in Iantha, Mo., and helped take care of their youngest children.  Grandfather had a Civil War pension of $12 a month and he bought all of Lucy’s (Needham) baby layette.  He was an inventor and made  lots  of models.  He sold an invention of a well-driller when he was a young man and  it was still in  use in Missouri when he died.  He died at Uncle Zach’s home in the summer of 1910 and was buried at Media, Illinois.”   Florence Serena Needham
                   “Thomas divorced Catherine.  They were married March 30, 1878.…The plaintiff further complains that the said defendant after leaving him has become a notorious public prostitute, and has been the inmate of Houses of ill-fame at Nevada and other places and that she was at Nevada in May and June 1881 and was the inmate of a House of Ill-fame kept by one A. Brely and was there guilty of adultery and protitution with said Brely and other men to this Pltff unknown.”  The divorce was granted on November 21, 1881
Robert Hathaway's daugther Hannah is show marrying John Stotzer.   They lived in IA near Josiah Willard Mallory, nephew of James C Mallory.
Robert Hathaway lived with the Stotzers in Freeport for a time before they moved to IA.   Josiah married Thomas Hathaway's grandaughter.
(9) Josiah Willard Mallory 1 Oct 1858 near Freeport (moved to Iowa Falls, IA then to Zimmerman, Minnesota (1914) and later back to Iowa Falls d 2 Aug 1936 Iowa Falls, IA bur Hazel Green Cem, Etna Twp, Sec 33 abt 3 miles east of Iowa Falls, Hardin Co IA = 26 Nov 1885 Cora Alice Wilkinson 17 Jan 1863 Robertson IA d 6 Aug 1947 Stark City M bur Hazel Green Cem, Etna Twp, 3 miles east of Iowa Falls, IA (Dilliston Kenyon Wilkinson 18 Nov 1834 family farm, Green Mountains, Bennington Co Vt d 2 Jan 1903 bur Hazel Green Cem = Elizabeth Jane Stotser 1840 Monroe Co Ohio d 1925 ae 85 bur Hazel Green Cem) (Joseph Wilkinson = Caroyln Dilleston d 1882) (Johannes “John” Stotser 24 mar 1816 Buren an der Aare, canton Berne, Switzerland d 13 Feb 1893 Robertson Hardin Co IA =5 Oct 1837 WI Hannah Hathaway 14 Mar 1819 d 15 Sep 1904) (Robert Hathaway 1771 NJ , lived with daughter Hannah and John Stotser Freeport IL 1850 Census)  (Jakob Stotzer bp 13 Apr 1788 Buren an der Aare, canton Bern, Switzerland d c 1840 IL =2 Dec 1815 Switzerland Elisabeth Hani bp 26 Apr 1789 Buren an der Aare d WI) (Note: Robert Hathaway had children John, Thomas b 1808 = Sarah Brown, Mary = James Sprouls, Huldah = Israel Blayer, George 1816, Catherine = William Hays, Hannah c 1823 =  John (Johannes) Stotser, Daniel = Mary Atkinson, Robert = Susanna, Nancy = Osborne, Isaac.  Robert and Susanna had a child John that ended up living with Hannah and John Stotser at age 9
    The Stotser Family came from Berne Switzerland to the US in 1827; stopping first in Philadelphia for a short time, and then walking, carrying their belongings to Monroe Co Ohio.   (About eight years earlier, another group had come from Berne Switzerland and eventually settled in Belmont and Monroe Counties.   It is likely the Stotsers were joining that group.)   John (Johannes) Stotser met Hannah Hathaway, sister of Thomas Hathaway, in Monroe Co.  However, they were married 5 Oct 1837 in Wisconsin by James Blair, a relative of Hannah’s. They returned to Monroe Co. and were living there when Mary Jane was born in 1838 and Elizabeth in 1840 (Elizabeth married DK Wilkinson and had Cora Alice who married Josiah Willard Mallory)  It is said they went to Vermillion Co IN (Vermilion co IL?) for a short time and laster went to Stephenson Co IL where seven more children were born.  While in IL, father Jacob Stotser died and daughter Sara also died.  Both were buried at Ridott, IL.  Jacob’s wife then went to live with her daughter, Mary in Wisconsin.  She (Mary) was married to William Sprowls.  John and Hannah moved to Etna Twp, Hardin Co IA in 1857 where Mahala 1858, Charles 1860, and George 1862 were born. 
 Phillip Hathaway, son of Thomas, married Annie Lipscomb.    Their daughter, Jennie Hathaway married William Warner "Wally" Mallory
(9) William Warner “Wally” “Wallie” Mallory (William Wallace Warner Mallory) 29 Apr 1878 Freeport Rock Run Twp, Stephenson Co IL d 5 Jun 1860 Salem, OR trampled to death by his horse.  = 29 Apr 1912 Jennie Hathaway 18 Jan 1887 d 31 May 1942 near Moran KS burned to death  (Phillip Hathaway c 1846 Stephenson Co IL d 7 Dec 1898 Kansas City Jackson Mo committed suicide by taking an overdose of Laudanum.  Article The Kansas City Time…Then Nevada Daily Mail Monday 11 Dec 1898. = Annie E Lipscomb) (NOTE: Annie Hathaway 1845 IL living in Jordan Valley Pawnee OK 1920, AE Hathaway c 1880 living with her) (Thomas Hathaway = Sarah Brown) (Robert Hathaway 1771)  Note: Oregon Death Index has him as just Wallace Mallory.  Note: Illinois State Board of Health return of birth 30 Apr 1878 has name William Warner Mallory. (Note: Wallace Mallory living with Daniel M Warner 1900 Seldon KS) (1930 census La Harpe Allen co KS) (1920 census Logan Allen co KS Yallay w Mallory 1877 IL)
(10) Beverly M Mallory 1913
(10) Wallace Eugene Mallory Mar 1916 d 10 Oct 1917 Sheldon MO
(10) Worth M Mallory (1925 according to 1930 census) 12 Sep 1918 KS d 17 Mar 1967 Los Angeles CA (CA Death Index)
(10) Robert Dean Mallory 1926  (1895 Marion Co OR J Mallory, Effie Mallory, Ernest Mallory, Daniel A Mallory)
Thomas Hathaway also had a son Zachariah Hathaway who married Margaret Wooten.      Zach's daughter Eva Hathaway married John B Mallory.
(8) John B Mallory 16 Jan 1851Rock Run Twp, Stephenson Co., Ill Salesman Lived 1126 E Austin, Nevada City, MO 1880 Census Montevallo age 30 b IL later in 1890 in Argentine KS  1930 living with son Dewitt in Jacksonville FL (Received sum of one dollar in DWC’s Will) Later was in the Hardware business Joplin Twp, Jasper Co, MO Living on N. Liberty Street Webb City. 1900 Census = 9 Jul 1875 Vernon Co MO Evangiline Elinda “Eva” Hathaway Dec 1854 Howard Co IA (She granddaughter of Thomas Hathaway who married Ellen Brown’s sister, Sarah, and daughter of Zachariah Hathaway Oct 1829 OH farmer d 18 Oct 1908 Montevallo bur Walnut Grove Cem = Margaret Wootan 25 May 1837 Freeport Stephenson Co IL d 16 Dec 1923 Lone Tree Cass Co Mo bur Walnut Grove Cem Cedar co mO (Daniel W Wootan = Julia Jameson) (Thomas Hathaway c 1807 VA d > Jan 1888 father NJ  = Sarah Brown c 1803 d 26 Jan 1888 Montevallo Vernon Co MO bur Walnut Grove Cem Cedar Co MO father PA mother MD)  (John Brown Sr = Jane Hurley), Zachariah Hathaway was brother of Thomas Jefferson Hathaway who married Susan Rowray Mallory after James C Mallory died in St Louis.) Hathaways and Mallorys were neighbors in Ohio, Illinois and a mile apart in Vernon Co. MO. Note: Montevallo Lodge No 316 IOOF received its charter 20 May 1874.  Among the original members was John B Mallory. (1880 census Montevallo Veron Co Mo John B Mallory 30 IL father CT mother PA, Eve Mallory 25 IA father OH mother IL, Hattie 6 IL, Maude 4 IL)                                      
(9) Hattie Mallory Oct 1874 IL 1880 Montevallo Census age 6 = _____Petit
                                      (10) Eva Petit May 1896 Mo
                                      (10) John Petit Sep 1898 Mo
(9) Maude Mallory Oct 1876 IL  1880 Montevallo Census age 4 = Albert Curtis May 1861 NY
                                      (10) Guy Curtis Dec 1895 Mo
                         (9) Zack Henry Mallory Mar 1881 Mo                     (Teamster)
(9) DeWitt C Mallory 5 Oct 1882 Nevada Vernon co MO d 1953 Jacksonville Duval FL cert No 12969 = Lulu P 1887
(9) Charles Mallory 17 Feb 1887 Mo d Aug 1962 CA (this may not be correct as Charles P Mallory from CA death index is listed as being born in MN, d Kern Co CA)               

 Submitted by Mallory Smith


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