February 1998 Queries
Denise Baker      Sun, 22 Feb 1998 17:51:38
I am researching the following family Surname that settled in the Freeport, Illinois area in 1873, FRANSSEN. Herman Johan Franssen b: November 3, 1833 in Hanover, Germany d: March 23, 1905 in St. Libory, Nebraska Herman married Martha Francis KUIPER in about 1860 in Germany and in 1872 they came to the United States first settling in Freeport, Illinois. They had 7 children;
1. Martha Franssen b: January 5, 1861 in Hanover, Germany m: Henry W. GERDES 2. John H. Franssen, Sr. b: May 31, 1865 Hanover, Germany m: Anna KUIPER 3. Herman Henry b: October 22, 1870 in Hanover, Germany m: Elizabeth ROEPKER 4. Henry b: October 3, 1873 in Freeport, Illinois m: Elizabeth ELLER 5. Joseph J. b: April 6, 1878 in Freeport, Illinois m: Mary MUELLER 6. William Herman b: July 18, 1880 in Freeport, Illinois m: Rose REOPKER 7. Anna Sena b: April 30, 1884 in St. Libory, Nebraska m: George BEHAN⁄Howard WEEKS.
Herman Johan and Martha lived in Stephenson County for approximately 7 years and sometime late in 1880 or early 1881 they moved their family to St. Libory, Nebraska (Howard County). In Nebraska they settled with other German immigrants who came from St. Libory, Illinois.
I know very little about their lives in Stephenson County and was hoping maybe someone would find my names familiar and be able to offer some information. I have tons of information on this family line.
Denise Baker 801 Country Acres Lane St. Libory, Nebraska e-mail address DBaker1515@aol.com
Betty Jane Wojdyla Tue, 17 Feb 1998 15:46:21
Researching the Eli FRANKENBERGER family of Rock Grove Twp., and I would appreciate any help on the families of sons Joel and Eli FRANKENBERGER. Did they remain in Stephenson County past the 1850s-1860s? I have much information to share on Eli Sr,'s family members. Are there any printed marriage records that I could obtain some information on his daughters Louisa, Caroline and Nancy?
Rudy Mon, 9 Feb 1998 21:29:10
I am seeking information of the PENNICOFF families who migrated to Stephenson County from Union County, PA about 1846. I am particularly interested in The family of John and Mary Pennicoff who had a daughter, Harriet Matilda, born there in June of 1855. I don't know who were the parents of John and Mary. They also had other children born in Stephenson County before returning to Union County, PA about 1878
ember@ksu.edu Mon, 02 Feb 1998 20:21:16
Seeking information regarding John FANNAN of Irish Grove, Stephenson Co, IL (died 1880). Married to Mary LEONARD. John was from Meath Co, Ireland. Greatly appreciate any information! Respond by e-mail to: rlbrandenburg@juno.com or ember@ksu.edu.
Name: Karen Flick
Referred by: Net Search
From: Rome, New York
Time: 1998-02-28 22:14:00
Comments: I am in possession of a certificate from the United States General Land Office, certificate no.20254,dated March 15,1848. This certificate is signed by president James K. Polk, and describes a land purchase of forty acres in Dixon Illinois , to Jthurel M. FLOWER of Stephenson County Illinois.The document has a seal from The United States Land Office with an eagle perched on a plow. I was wondering if you could give me any information about this document and⁄or it's value . Thank you. K.Flick
Name: Lola J. (Hollander) Wulf
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Sioux City, Ia.
Time: 1998-02-21 01:34:00
Comments: Just looking for information on Hinderk JANSEN and Anna Van KOTEN, (my great-grandparents) who farmed in Stephenson Co., Ill. from 1864 to 1885.
Name: Alice Vance Westerberg
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Richmond, Virginia
Time: 1998-02-19 12:15:00
Comments: I am researching Stephenson County as well as its neighboring ones. My surnames are GARNER, CRAIN, THOMPSONS, WOOTENS, WHITESIDE , CURRY AND DANIELS. I am interested in corresponding with anyone working with these names. Thanks...........and good luck to all of us.
Name: Dave Arasmith
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From: Topeka, Kansas
Time: 1998-02-12 02:12:00
Comments: I'm descended from the ILGENs (founders of Cedarville and residents at McConnell) and the FIELDS. Aden FIELDS m Nora Amanda ILGEN in 1881 then moved to Jewell County, KS. I've met one or two Ilgens from Stephenson County, but am always looking for more information. Will be glad to share what I have. Enjoyed the site. Thanks
Name: Diana H. Bailey
Referred by: From LinkExchange
From: eastern Ontario, Canada
Time: 1998-02-08 21:52:00
Comments: Hi from eastern Ontario, Canada! Am looking for more info. on a relative of my husband's who moved from Vermont ca 1850 to Davis, IL. I have some data on his ancestors and a couple of his children, but would love to find some more. His name was Madison B. MILLER (wife Elizabeth). Thanks for reading!
Name: Kathy Stevens
Referred by: From Geocities
From: Tacoma, WA
Time: 1998-02-07 05:48:00
Comments: Researching the Samuel CAMERON (formerly KEMMERER) family from Pennsylvania. They lived in Stephenson County, IL in 1860's. Samuel's oldest daughter, Anna Mary, and her husband, Henry WOLFE of PA, also lived here. They all moved on to Jewell County, Kansas in 1870.
Name: Eva Suzukawa
Website: no homepage
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From: Belmont CA
Time: 1998-02-04 01:10:00
Comments: I am researching Presley STRANGE, Elizabeth KELLY's 1st husband and Royal MITCHEL, her second husband Presley and Elizabeth's daughter was my great grandmother.
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