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Alice M. Jackson
born 12⁄28⁄1892,
mother's maiden name: SCHLAMP
F, Birthplace: ILLINOIS; Place of death: LOS ANGELES(70)
Date of death 05⁄01⁄1968; Social Security number: 330-01-6305; age 75 yrs
California death index {daughter of Charles Schauer}
Submitted by: Vinita Lynch Shaw on 18 Mar 2002


Mary (Schauer) Russell
Mary Russell died July 29, 1963 (Vol 75 page 379). She died in Waukesha and lived at 1304 Grandview Blvd. She was born Aug 31, 1895 in Freeport, IL. She was a housewife. Her father was Charles Schauer and her mother was Mary (no maiden name given). Her social security number was 396-05-8257. She died of myocardial infarct (heart attack) and diabetes. She is buried at Prairie Home Cemetery in Waukesha.
Source: Waukesha Death Records
Social Security and Death Index
Submitted by: Vinita Lynch Shaw on 18 Mar 2002

Amelia (Vietmeier) Schauer
Death certificate from State of Illinois, County of Stephenson, Township of Florence
Full name: Amelia Schauer
Residence: Freeport R#2 (scratched out)
Female; White; Married
Name of husband: Henry Schauer
Date of birth: June 28, 1859
Age: 62 years 8 months 18 days
Occupation: Housewife
Birthplace: Ogle County Ill.
Name of father: Wm. Vietmeier; Birthplace: Germany
Maiden Name of mother: Justina? Slukemberg?; Birthplace: Germany
Name of informant: Henry Schauer; Address: Freeport R#2
Filed: 3-21-1922
C W. Schmiet--Registrar
Date of Death: March 18, 1922
"I hereby certify that I attended deceased from Feb 7, 1922 to Mar 15, 1922,
that I last saw her alive on Mar 15, 1922,  that death occurred on the date stated above at____m.
The cause of death was as follows: carcenoma of the liver.
Duration: 9 months Contributory: Cardiac insufficiency, Duration: 9 months"
Signed T. A. Peltefried?, M.D., Address: Freeport ILL Date Mar 20, 1922, Telephone: Main 335
Place of burial: Van Prouslim? Cemetery on March 21, 1922
Undertaker: Al Trufal? Freeport ILL.
Death certificat Information Certificate # not submitted
Submitted by: Vinita Lynch Shaw 28 Jan 2003




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