Samuel Smith

Currier School District: Lancaster Township, Stephenson County, Illinois. 

One of the earliest settlers in Lancaster Township, and the first in this school district was Samuel Smith, who in 1837 chose a scenic hillside with an unusually large and refreshing spring, a beautiful pond, and a noble stand of trees as the site of his well-designed stone cottage, which still sits well-tended beside the River Road, a welcome light shining through its small red panes beside the door.

Mr. Smith was a native of Virginia, born in 1799.  His descendants believe that he broke more acres of prairie land than any other man in the county.  He died in 1878, when he was struck by a train near his home.  His spring, his pond, and his home trees later became the focal point of the miles of recreational woodland along the Pecatonica River east of Freeport


HISTORY OF STEPHENSON COUNTY 1970, pg. 108, 109.  Submitted by: Kay Gavin




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