Regina (Schlamp) Schauer

Mrs. Chas. F. Schauer Found Dead at Her Home on Iroquois Street--An Inquest Held
Mrs. Charles F. Schauer was found dead at her home on Iroquois street at about 7 o'clock Sunday morning. The lady was the wife of a well-known Illinois Central Employee, and the news of her sudden demise was a great shock to her family as well as to the entire neighborhood, for Mrs. Schauer was held in high esteem by her neighbors and friends.
The thirteen year old son of Mr. Schauer was the first to discover the death of his mother. He carries papers and it has been his mother's custom to arouse him for this task every morning. Sunday morning he woke up and thought it was time for him to be off, and concluded that his mother had overslept. He aroused his father and asked where his mother was. Mr. Schauer replied that she was probably sleeping with one of the children. The boy went down stairs and in the parlor he saw the body of his mother attired only in her night dress lying prone on the floor close to the stove. Her face had turned blue and the lad was very much frightened at her appearance. He aroused his father and they picked up the body and placed it on the lounge. It was then cold, but as the lady had been subject to sinking spells the husband thought at first she was not dead, but he was soon convinced to the contrary.
Mrs. Schauer retired the night before in apparently good health, but just what time she went to bed her husband doesn't know. They remained up until about ten o'clock, when Mrs. Schauer urged her husband to go to bed as he looked tired. She said she would not go for awhile as she had a baking of bread in the oven and she would have to wait and take care of it, that it might be 12 o'clock before she could retire. Soon after that Mr. Schauer went to bed and never woke up until his son aroused him in the morning. He said that his wife had been subject to sinking spells and would be unconsious for a half hour at a time. She also complained frequently of heart trouble and was afraid that she would die suddenly some day.
Coroner Peck was informed of the sudden death of Mrs. Schauer and he held an inquest over the body Sunday morning. Mr. Schauer testified to the facts given above and Mrs. James Farnum and Mrs. Margaret Schmidt, neighbors of the dead woman, testified to the fact that they had known that she was subject to sinking spells and had trouble with her heart. They said that she was a woman who attended well to her children and household duties and was always cheerful.
Dr. Mease, who held a post mortem examination testified tha the heart of the deceased was in splendid condition and that death was due to appoplexy, and verdict to that effect was rendered by the jury.

Mrs. Schauer's maiden name was Miss Regina Schlamp, and she was born in Baden, Germany, April 23, 1866, coming to this country when a mere child. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schlamp reside in Silver Creek township. The lady was married to Chas. F. Schauer in this city fourteen years ago, and seven children were born to them. In addition to her husband and children the deceased leaves her parents, a brother and a sister. Mrs. Schauer was a devoted wife and mother and was well liked in the neighborhood where she has lived for the past nine years. She was a good neighbor an dher death has cuased great sorrow in that neighborhood.
FREEPORT DAILY JOURNAL on Monday, Feb 4, 1901, Page 4. Submitted by: Vinita Lynch Shaw on 18 Mar 2002

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