David Brown

David Brown, a gentleman on the sunny side of forty, and one of the leading merchants of Davis, is distinguished by energy of character, and integrity in his business affairs, which qualities have secured him the patronage of a large portion of the most reliable people of this thriving little city and its environs.  He carries a large and well-selected stock, and commands a trader which is steadily increasing.  Socially, he ranks with the refined and cultivated people of Davis, and is an especial advocate of temperance and good order.
Our subject first drew breath in Logansville, Clinton Co., Pa., Nov. 23, 1854.  His father, Henry Brown, also a native of the Keystone State, was the son of John Brown, whose ancestors settled in Pennsylvania several generations back.  John Brown at one time visited Wayne County, Ind., but later returned to his native heath, which remained his home thereafter until his death, which occurred after he had passed his eighty-first birthday.  His wife was a Miss Dinges, who was of German ancestry, but a native of Pennsylvania, and died in Clinton County when eighty-six years old.  Grandmother Brown was noted far and wide for her strength of character and remarkable intelligence.  She retained her physical powers in a marked degree.  Upon the day of her death she walked one and one-half miles.  It was in June, one of the hottest days of the season.  Becoming over-heated, she sank down lifeless before reaching her home.  
The father of our subject, Henry Brown, married Miss Catherine Stamm, a resident of Clinton County.  She was of German parentage and continued with her husband a resident of Hublesburg until her death, which occurred April 16, 1886, when she was fifty-eight years of age.  She was a consistent member of the German Reformed Church, and a lady highly esteemed for her many estimable qualities.  The father of our subjected after his marriage, engaged in general merchandising at Logansville for three years, when he moved to the above-named place, of which he is still a resident.  He is now sixty-five years of age, and employs himself about his store, active and energetic as of old.  
David Brown was the second born on his parents, whose family consisted of tow sons, and two daughters: Sarah J. died in infancy; John married Miss IIerveta Morris, and a is a resident of Clinton County, Pa., where he operates the Rockville Mills; Mary E. continues with her father; David of our sketch, was three years of age when his father removed to Hublersburg, Center County, where was reached to manhood, and obtained a good education, studying for a time in Penn Hall, and completing his education in the Iron City Commercial College at Pittsburgh.  He commenced teaching when twenty-one years old, which he followed for five years in his native State.  he then came to this county and took up his profession in the public schools of Davis, in which he was Assistant one year, and the following two years was Principal.  He also taught in district schools for some time.
The marriage of David Brown and Miss Sevilla Wenzel was celebrated at the home of the bride in Davis, Il., March 30, 1882.  Mrs. Brown was born in Lycoming County, Pa., Dec. 2, 1860, and came with her parents to Davis when a child four years of age.  Her parents Daniel and Margaret (Bond) Wenzel, were natives of Lycoming County, Pa., and her father was a carpenter by trade.  Mrs. Brown like her husband, also followed teaching in her younger years.  This union resulted in the birth of one child, Lyell E., who is now past three years.  Mr. Brown and his wife are members in good standing of the Evangical Lutheran Church.  He is a straight Prohibitionist, with which each party he uniformly votes.  His attractive home indicates the fine taste of its inmates, and is the resort of the cultivated people of Davis.


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