D. F. Thompson; 1850-1923

With sorrow we announce the untimely death of one of our life members of The Illinois Horticultural Society, D. F. Thompson of Kent, Stephenson County, Illinois.
He was born in Franklin county Pennsylvania, December 23, 1850, and died at his home March 5, 1923, with an attack of mastoids, which in a few days ended a brilliant and useful life.
Mr. Thompson received his early education in the rural schools, receiving his higher education in Poughkeepsie College, Poughkeepsie, New York. Teaching for a short period in his home county, he turned westward for his future to satisfy his young and eager ambitions in a broader field for work and came to Illinois in the year 1871, where he taught school a few terms at which time he married Fianna, daughter of David and Sarah Rudy Erwin, May 19, 1873.
Shortly after his marriage he purchased the old homestead which was his wife's birth place and home, which they builded into a modern up-to-date home and a recognized productive farm.
Horticulture was his great liking; his friends termed it his hobby; he saw the profits and pleasure in fruit growning combined with farming which he planted and cultivated up to his death.
It was his pleasure and delight to direct a visitor thru his orchard pointing out the different varieties of fruit, discussing the character and strong points, and the weak varieties which were subject to the unfavorable climatic and soil conditions.
He was considered an authority on fruit growing, propagation and cultivation, an influential citizen held in high esteem and respect by his friends and associates.
Mr. Thompson's memory will be cherished by his many friends for the good work and service he did while living to those who may gain and profit by his undertakings and achievements, a monument which time and age will not impair.
This obituary was taken from Transaction of the Illinois State Horticultural Society for the Year 1923; Vol LVII; P. 252
This is not my relative; I just happened to have the book.
Submitted by: Lynn House 06 Feb 1999

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