November 1998 Queries
FREY birthcertificates
Posted by Tom Frey      <> on Sat, 28 Nov 1998
Surnames: Frey, Waters, Gilford, Auman, Buckley Stephenson County need help and info on the following
George Frey death certificate on 3April 1876
Barbara Auman death certificate on 4 jan 1897
George Washington Frey birth certificate 6or7 Oct 1853
marraige cert 21 Nov 1875
with Arabelle Buckley
Winnebago County
Lloyd Byron Frey marraige certificate 25 Dec 1900
with Myra Jane Waters
Myra Jane Waters birth certificate on 21 OCT 1880 or 81
Thomas Waters birth and⁄or death certificate on ?
Donna Gilford ditto
Any suggestions on procedures and fees appreciated
Any information
Posted by Marianne Mook      <> on Sat, 28 Nov 1998
Surnames: MOOK, PICKEL, PICKLE, ILGEN I am looking for any information on any of these surnames. The main time frame is between 1845 and 1885. We know that the Mook's and Pickel's were living in Stephenson Co. at this time and that Barbara Ilgen was spouse to Levi Mook.
Marianne Mook
Posted by M. F. Pickell      <> on Wed, 09 Dec 1998, in response to Any information , posted by Marianne Mook on Sat, 28 Nov 1998
Surnames: Mook, Pickel I have a Daniel J. Mook who married a Ruth Pickel. Ruth was from Freeport, Stephenson Co. IL. They married on Jan. 5, 1843. They had a son by the name of Levi Mook who was born on Aug. 27, 1848 in Freeport Il. He married Barbara Ann Ilgen who was born Augu. 28, 1852 in Cederville Ill. She died on Dec. 8, 1923 and is buried in Malcom Neb. Levi Died Jan. 16, 1924 and is buried in the same place.
They had 7 children.
Let me know if you would like more information.
Plum River
Posted by Pat Corrigan      <> on Sat, 28 Nov 1998
Surnames: CARROLL, KEHOE My mothers marriage certificate states she was married in Savanna and that she lived in Plum River Ill in 1909. My question is was there a Place called Plum River at that time in Stephenson county. Her name was Anna Carroll daughter of Daniel Carroll and Julia (Kehoe) Carroll. Thank you.
Query re: HEMENWAY
Posted by Sylvia Harper Nelson      <> on Sat, 28 Nov 1998
Surnames: HEMENWAY I am looking for any information on the Asa GOODENOW⁄GOODNOW HEMENWAY family in Stephenson Co., IL. Jessie Fremont HEMENWAY, d⁄o Asa G. HEMENWAY and my ggrandmother, was born September 29, 1856, in Freeport, IL. Her siblings included: Flora J. HEMENWAY, born 1858; Howard HEMENWAY, born 1859; and Martha M. HEMENWAY, born 1862. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated!
Posted by Sam Brown      <> on Wed, 18 Nov 1998
Surnames: LEWIS, FRISBIE Searching for parents of Jane Rosanna LEWIS. b. 10 Apr 1822 in NY. m. John
FRISBIE 23 Sept 1845. d. 1 Apr 1822 Freeport, Stephenson Co., ILL. Buried
Cranes grove Cem.
Any info on parents⁄ancestors or siblings⁄families would be appreciated.
Sam Brown
Benbrook, TX
Posted by Bill and Shirley Williamson      <> on Wed, 18 Nov 1998
Surnames: TROTTER, RIEM, CHILTON, SHELTON Interested in the following names who resided in Stephenson Co.1840F. Appreciate any information especially on George Trotter and father James. Sarah Riem and father Daniel. Thanks.
Do You Know Tametta Chilton of Oneco, 1903?
Posted by Pamela Service      <> on Sun, 07 Feb 1999, in response to TROTTER RIEM CHILTON SHELTON , posted by Bill and Shirley Williamson on Wed, 18 Nov 1998
Surnames: CHILTON, BEEM, WALTON, ROSS Noticed your Chilton name for Stephenson Co. It matches my last name for Joel Beem's surviving sister 1903, Tametta Chilton of Oneco. Joel Beem was married to Delilah Jane Walton and her mother lived with them in Orangeville, Polly"Mary" Walton nee Ross. He, Joel Beem, went to live with his daughter, Mrs Abraham Stahl, possibly Agnes, and died at her home in Nelson NE. Do you think you might have a Chilton connection to my family listed here?
Write Pamela
DILLY descendants
Posted by Marilyn (Fawkes) Dilly      <> on Tue, 17 Nov 1998
Surnames: DILLY, DILLEY Looking for descendants of Johan Jacob DILLY (sometimes spelled DILLEY) b. 1810, Germany, d. 1890, Ridott Township, Stephenson Co., IL) Came to Freeport area from NY in 1844, bought property and moved to Ridott about 1847. A local German language newpaper obituary listed 6 sons and l daughter surviving. One son, Henry DILLY (my husband's great grandfather), (1848-1946)homesteaded in Lake Co., SD.
Would like to hear from anyone with information about the siblings who remained in Stephenson Co.
Kerr's & Cole's
Posted by Tim McCord      <> on Tue, 17 Nov 1998
Surnames: KERR, COLE, LINCOLN, ROTE, ANDRE, JONES Looking for Information about the Kerr, Cole, Lincoln, Jones, Rote, & Andre family's of Stephenson County. My Graet Granfather was Frank William Kerr of Ridott and my Great Gandmother was Clarissa (Carrie) S. Cole also of Ridott. My Grandfather was Paul G. Kerr who was born in Ridott. Interested in all the information I can get from the area.
Tim McCord
Cole & Andre
Posted by Julie      <> on Wed, 18 Nov 1998, in response to Kerr's & Cole's , posted by Tim McCord on Tue, 17 Nov 1998
Surnames: COLE, ANDRE I have a Rebecca Andre that married Thomas Metz in PA, moving to Stephenson County.
I also have some Cole's, but mine are from the Kent area.
Cole's & Andre's
Posted by Tim McCord      <> on Thu, 19 Nov 1998, in response to Cole & Andre , posted by Julie on Wed, 18 Nov 1998
Surnames: COLE, ANDRE I have a Vernon ANDRE & a Samuel ANDRE and their mother Luella (COLE) ANDRE. If these names connect to your Rebecca ANDRE please do hesitate to contact me.
Tim McCord
Posted by Cathie Daugherty      <> on Thu, 19 Nov 1998, in response to Kerr's & Cole's , posted by Tim McCord on Tue, 17 Nov 1998
Surnames: Lincoln I have a Isaac Lincoln married a last name "Ferns" Had a son James, and a Sarah, later 2 half sisters and brother by Isaac's 2nd marriage.Sarah was born in Canada in 1858 but both the Ferns & Lincolns we beleive are from Ill.
Feel free to write if any connections. Cathie
Lincoln's of Ill.
Posted by Tim McCord      <> on Fri, 20 Nov 1998, in response to lincoln , posted by Cathie Daugherty on Thu, 19 Nov 1998
Surnames: LINCOLN The Licoln's I have are William Lincoln married to Grace (Cole) Lincoln with children Frances Lincoln, Alice Lincoln & Kenard Lincoln of Ridott, Ill. I believe.
EUSTICE d.1936
Posted by Judy Eustice      <> on Fri, 06 Nov 1998
Surnames: Amelia Eustice Have a letter regarding the death of Amelia Eustice, mother of 5 boys. The letter states she died Dec. 9,1939 --- her body was to lie in state at Kinsey Parlor Royal Oak and burial to be at LENA,Illinois Stephenson County.
Her sons were:
Walter of Royal Oak Michigan
Bert Eustice of Detroit,
Lee Eustice of Detroit
Earl Eustice of Stockton,Illinois
Alfred Eustice of Rockford, Illinois
Believe they must be related. My husbands father kept a letter dated 12-9-39 regarding the five sons mothers death but at this point
ANY connections or leads would be appreciated!!! There were also many of the Eustice families in JoDaviess County that I would also like to have any information on. THANK YOU.
Historical documents and news items
Posted by John Parrovechio      <> on Fri, 06 Nov 1998
Surnames: Giesey, Durling, Dommel I have documents and news clipings from Freeport from around the 1890's to 1920's. Including a booklet announcing the Stephenson County Honored soldiers from World War one. These items where hierlooms of my grandparents and as far back as thier grandparents. There are numerous items from draft cards to honorable discharge papers and other very old documents.
Is there a historical society in Freeport that may be interested in preserving this part of the local history?
and how may i get in touch with them?
Please respond
Thank you
John Parrovechio
Keehnen (Kuhn)
Posted by Judi Keehnen      <> on Fri, 06 Nov 1998
Surnames: Keehnen, Kuhn My great,great grandfather was Jacob Kuhn, later to be known as Jacob Keehnen.Jacob came to the U.S in 1853.His intent to be a citizen was Sept.21,1857 and his Naturalization Sept.13,1864. On his naturalation paper one of the witnesses was Joseph Kuhn later known as Joseph Keehn or Keehnen. I am trying to determine if they were related. I was in Stephenson County in 1995 to do some research but at the time did not persue info on Joseph.I only worked on Jacob. I know that Jacob owned property. I would like to know if Joseph also owned land? Can you help me? My ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO FIND OUT WHERE JACOB AND JOSEPH CAME FROM IN PURSSIA, GERMANY. If it will help, Jacob died Dec.17, 1905. I am hoping that one of my avenues of research will reveal this to me.I would appreciate any help and⁄or advise you can give me. Thanks! Sister Judi Keehnen C.S.J.
Mary (Molly) Kissinger
Posted by Faye Toppen      <> on Thu, 05 Nov 1998
Surnames: Kissinger
I'm looking for information on Mary (Molly) Kissinger. She passed away in Stephenson County sometime in 1930 - 1940's. She lived with her brother and his wife Rev. Frank J. Kissinger (wife Birtha). I believe they lived in Rock Grove. Mary's father's name was John Kissinger. Any information will be helpful. Thank you. Fay
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