Mrs. Sarah E. Robey, widow of the late William W. Robey, died at the residence of Charles Morgan at 6 oÌclock last night. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 oÌclock. Rev. N.H. Axtell to officiate.Mrs. Robey was one of the pioneers of the county, having come here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Young, in 1839, from her native place, Union county, Pennsylvania, where she was born in 1828. The Youngs located near Cedarville, and became one of the best known families in this section. One, Capt. William Young, a brother of Mrs. Robey, served with distinction in the war of the rebellion, passing away a few years ago. Mrs. J.H. Graham of this city; Mrs. Thomas Bell of Cedarville are sisters, and Robert Young of Freeport and T.B. Young of Rock City, are brothers of the deceased.On a farm near Dakota, Mrs. Robey was married to W.W. Robey, who came to this county in 1834, and who was widely known and highly respected. He was elected sheriff in 1862 and held the office six years; he was afterwards a government revenue collector, and died in 1890. W.W. Robey, postmaster at Pipestone, Minn. is a son, and Mrs. Charles Morgan, and Mrs. James F. Burns of this city, are daughters of Mrs. Robey.For a year or more Mrs. Robey had not enjoyed good health, and during her illness she was given every possible care and attention. A member of the Methodist church since childhood, a kind, noble hearted woman, she will not only be mourned by her relatives, but all who enjoyed her acquaintance will regret her demise.
From a Freeport, Illinois newspaper, 27 June, 1902. Submitted by: Toni Campbell on May 3, 2000

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