Joshua Wright, Jr.


Joshua Wright Jr. grew to manhood in and was married in New York where he decided to settle, and purchasing a tract of timberland in Genessee County, established a comfortable home there, which he occupied for two or three years. He then returned to the Keystone state and became associated with his father in business, and settled on a tract of timberland one-half mile from the village, which he occupied until 1837. Thence he removed to Eire County, and purchased a tract of partially cleared land upon which he operated until 1845, then sold out, and accompanied by his wife and five children, started for the West.
The journey of Joshua and family, to Illinois, was performed overland by the aid of oxen and horses. After three weeks' continuous travel, during which they camped and cooked by the wayside and slept in their wagons at night, they landed in Stephenson County, and Joshua selected as his future location a tract of uncultivated prairie in Oneco Township. The land had not yet come into market, but he erected a large hewed log house and secured the title to the property as soon as the land-office was opened in Dixon. During the Summer of 1846 he turned and broke 40 acres but the following year was induced to sell his lot and move to Williams Township. There he purchased a claim of 100 acres and as soon as possible received his deed from the land-office at Dixon. Upon this he labored a few years successfully, then sold this and retiring to the town of Winslow, spent the rest of his life in the peace and quiet which he had so justly earned

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