Amelia Bueker was born Dec. 8, 1846 in Sangenholzhausen, duchy of Sippe-Detmold, Germany. She was the second of four children born to Herr and Frau Herman Bueker. In infancy she came with her parents across the sea. Early in the year 1847 a band of pilgrims left their homes in the "Fatherland" and set their faces toward the new world in search of new homes. On the 4th of May, 1847, the party consisting of 112 persons, young and old, embarked from Bremen on the the ship "Agnes von Bremen." The ship was a sailing craft. After a voyage of several weeks the ship landed at Quebec, Canada. There the colony disembarked. Thence the colony made its way by boat down the St. Lawrence, and overland by rail to Buffalo, N. Y. From Buffalo they took a steamship over the lakes to Milwaukee, Wis. There the colony separated, the larger number settling in the primeval forest near what became later the town of Franklin, Sheboygan Co., Wis., a small portion of the colony going to Freeport, Stephenson County, Ill. Amelia Bueker was married in Franklin, Wis., March 31, 1869, to Henry Bruengger. They had no children. They, however, have an adopted daughter, whom they adopted in July, 1874. For eleven years Mr. and Mrs. Bruengger lived in Kohlsvill, Washington Co., Wis., where Mr. Bruengger served as pastor. Thence they came to the German colony in Clark Co., near Greenwood, Wis., where Mr. Bruengger served the church as paster for two or three years. This colony is a branch of the original colony which settled near Franklin, Wis. Mrs. Bruengger passed away at Greenwood on Aug. 26, 1905, leaving a husband, a daughter and three grandchildren--Mona, Henry, and Lee Wallis. Other near relatives of the deceased are her own brother, Mr. Frederick Bueker; two half-brothers, Mr. Henry and Mr. Conrad Humpke, and a half sister Mrs. Mary Arpke. These all mourn her loss. From the original colony which came over on the ship, the "Agnes von Bremen," have gone forth several breach colonies from the vicinity of Franklin. One of these branch colonies settled in the state of Nebraska. May the colony meet again on the other shore--meet to part no more. For further information regarding this colony consult the booklet which is entitled, "Das Sippe-Detmolder Settlement In Wisconsin"--geschrieber and verfass von Jerome C. Arpke, B. S. This colony has an interesting history. --W. S. Boardman.
Greenwood, Clark, WI; "The Greenwood Gleaner" 9⁄7⁄1905. I recently spotted this obit in Clark Co. WI which makes a tie with Stephenson Co., Ill. Would you please post it as it could provide a valuable link for researchers. Amelia Bueker Bruengger (1840-1905). Posted by Janet Schwarze on 23 Jun 2000. Surname: Bueker, Bruengger, Humke, Wallis, Arpke

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