January 1998 Queries
Dandan77@aol.com Sat, 31 Jan 1998 03:37:57
BOLTON: I am looking for the parentage of Davilia and Charity Bolton. They moved to Stephenson county about 1850. They came from Delaware county, New York. Their daughter Loretta Amanda married William R VAN BROCKLIN. Also need the maiden name of Charity. The station of Bolton was named after this Bolton Family as the land was owned by them. William was the nephew of Conrad VAN BROCKLIN.
Addie Morrissey Wed, 28 Jan 1998 23:59:32
I need help in Stephenson County, Il.. I would like to obtain the following two items and am more than willing to pay someone for them. I have family ties from many counties in Illinois from the early 1800 to present. You will find our home page listed in our signature and it also includes surnames and many great links.
#1. I would like to obtain a copy of the obituary for my GGGrandfather Aaron BAKER who died in Stephenson County in 1841. #2. I would like to obtain a copy of the 1840 census listing him and the family. If interested please e-mail      Thank you --- Visit our Home Page, you will see surnames,emigration,vital records and many other links. http:⁄⁄www.geocities.com⁄Heartland⁄5978 General Joseph Warren Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution http:⁄⁄www.geocities.com⁄Heartland⁄Meadows⁄3361
Eloise Grigsby Tue, 27 Jan 1998 12:04:34
Researching the descendants of David BOBB, b. 18 May 1813 nr Beavertown, Union, PA, son of Peter BOBB and Wilhelmena HASSINGER. Moved to Orangeville, Stephenson Co., IL 21 Oct 1845. Married Elizabeth BINGHAM (Bingaman, Bingamon) on 11 Jan 1835. Familys connected include KLOSE,REAGER, STAGER, FOLGATE, SMITH, WALTER, MIDDLESWARTH,  AIGLER
Bruce Freeman Tue, 27 Jan 1998 22:29:03
FREEMAN, Elbridge and Sophia Farmed near Rock Run or Rock City. From 1830 to1870. Would like to contact any one intrested in this family.
Barbara Raymond Sun, 25 Jan 1998 07:04:57
We are looking for two names that may have been in Stephenson County in the mid 1870's. The surnames are SEUFFERTand also RAYMOND. If you have information about these families, we would be very interested to know. Thank you.
Jeanne Stump Sun, 25 Jan 1998 18:20:41
I am trying to find info about my grandfather, Nicholas A. JACOBY. His parents were born in germany.
Robin Palmatier Gornell Fri, 23 Jan 1998 10:54:42
Hi - I am researching my ggg grandfather, Orville Benton. When his son died in 1880, Orville's brother, Dr. E. A. BENTON, came to NY to the funeral. Dr. BENTON was from Davis, IL. This is all the info I have on him. Any further info on Dr. E. A. BENTON is greatly appreciated!
John C. Black Thu, 15 Jan 1998 16:43:51
Hello, my name is Jonathan and I've been searching for information on a family member who fought in the civil war as a union soldier. All I have been able to come up with is that his name was Frederick W STEGNER. He was in company I of the 74 INF. I think he lived in the township of Davis or Freeport in Stephenson County. I think he died on the battle field. Any information on this veteran would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Alot Jonathan e-mail jcblack@pcweb.net
Malinda James Sun, 11 Jan 1998 23:37:22
I am seeking information on Mary Jane James HERBERT who was in Orangeville, Oneca Township. She was born in Nicholas Co., KY the daughter of Abraham JAMES and Jane BEATTY. According to Stephenson Co. History, Jane Beatty James was the first person to die in Stephenson Co. Abraham came to Moniteau Co. MO and remarried. The Herberts stayed in Stephenson Co.
Jerry Harrison Sun, 11 Jan 1998 21:44:55
John Miles LOCKE, b. 3⁄21⁄1820 Moriah, Essex, NY, d. 4⁄18⁄1888 Adams Township, Stephenson, IL, m. Lucinda⁄Lucretia FOWLER, 2⁄16⁄1842 in Moriah. She was b. 5⁄1⁄1822 Rutland, VT, d. 4⁄18⁄1888 Adams Township, Stephenson, IL (buried in Manny Cemetery). They had Emma Sophia, b. 10⁄14⁄1842 and Edgar, abt 1848. The family moved to Adams Township in about 1855. Did Emma and Edgar LOCKE survive to adulthood, marry, have children? When did they die? http:⁄⁄members.aol.com⁄jroots
Steve Burgess      Wed, 07 Jan 1998 18:58:38
I found my g-grandparents on the 1920 census in Silver Creek Twp. Their names were Lewis and Estella BURGESS. My Grandfather Walter married my grandmother Lillian Neal in Freeport on Jan. 3, 1924. I don't know when or where my g-grandparents died, but I'm assuming it was in Stephenson Co. Lewis was born April 1, 1867 in Wayne Co. and is said to have lived to be 80 or 90 years old. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Joshua T. Machamer      Tue, 6 Jan 1998 10:21:17
I've been searching and searching for some sort of history to my family name for years now. The surname is MACHAMER. I've traced it back from an old birth certificate to Stephenson County. The year is around 1864. The names that pop up are Aaron, Robert and Daniel MACHAMER. These people would be my father's grandfather and⁄or great grandfather. if you have any information or suggestions on where to go from here, I'd appreciate it.
I've looked and found land sales records and Civil War enlistment but would just like to find some census information that lists residency, wife, children etc. This way I can then see if these are the people I've needed to track down or if I should move on to another state.
Surnames: BROWN, PARKER Looking for links of one of my ancestors named BROWN. CHARLES HARRISON BROWN and wife ANNA LOY PARKER moved to Freeport, Stephenson County sometime in the late 1800s (I am presuming). CHARLES HARRISON BROWN was a member of the Oriental Lodge #97 AOUW & AF & AM, and a railroad engineer. In the census of 1880 he resided in Freeport on Jackson Street with wife ANNA LOY PARKER, baby SARAH BLANCHE also born in Freeport in November 4, 1876, and father-in-law JOHN PARKER. CHARLES HARRISON BROWN and ANNA LOY PARKER gave birth to another baby girl while residing in Freeport. KATHYRN (KITTY) BELLE was born January 11, 1881. KITTY went on to graduate from the Pestalozzi-Froebel Kindergarten Training School, and opened the first public Kindergarten School in Chicago. Other children were RALPH C. BROWN b. June 27, 1883; and GEORGE LAWRENCE BROWN b. July 30, 1887
Name: Gary Raetz
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: 422 Paris Avenue Rockford, IL 61107
Time: 1998-01-31 20:19:00
Comments: I have been working on the histories of the towns of Davis, Rock City, Epleyanna, Rock Grove, Rock City, Dakota, Afolkey, Winneshiek, Ridott and "Graball" or Jamestown. I know who owned the various properties in each town and I have a lot information that I have gotten from county records, interviews, abstracts, etc. I borrow pictures of places, people, events to use in a future book, videotape, etc. I have a darkroom in my basement. I write a weekly column (normally a full page) based on things I read in newspapers from 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50 years ago. The Volumes of my past columns are available for $4.25 each (which includes postage). I am interested in your information and will be glad to share what I have learned. The townships that I am familiar with are: Rock Run, Rock Grove, Dakota, Lancaster, Buckeye, and Ridott. My own personal genealogy includes the names of RAETZ (RETZ), JOHNSON (was JANSSEN), RODEMEIER, MEINBERG, WURTZ, PIEPER, KRULL, and HIPPNER.
Name: Shirley Weihing
Referred by: Net Search
From: Gering,NE
Time: 1998-01-30 21:54:00
Comments: John EBY and Catherine BRADLEY lined in Stephenson co in 1860. They lived west of Lena in Yellow Creek valley. I would appreciate and information on the EBYs or BRADLEY's. Thanks
Name: Karen Mannisto
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Rockford, Ill
Time: 1998-01-30 15:10:00
Comments: I am researching surnames of Stephenson Co. RICHARDSON, HIGHLAND, GERMAIN, BOURAY, DUPONT, OWENS, COULGHLIN, WALLER, DOONAN, MCGRANE, VANVALKENBURG, WALLER, FITZPATRICK . If anyone want to swap info. please email me.......kjmannisto@aol.com
Name: Larry Wade
Referred by: NewsGroups
From: Omaha, NE
Time: 1998-01-28 15:39:00
Comments: Interested in the surnames of WADE and MCNEILL in and around Stephenson County.
Name: Kathy Brown
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Grundy Center, Iowa
Time: 1998-01-26 02:47:00
Comments: I am researching the following names: GARVEY, PERRY, MANNING, BROWN of Stephenson County and Ogle County.
Name: Bill Whitlatch
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Visalia CA
Time: 1998-01-19 21:09:00
Comments: Seeking information on ancestors Margaret LAWN Smith & William SMITH. My Grand mother Martha MEYER (STIFFLER), would have been a granddaughter to Smith. We may be native American and I am looking for the connection. My addreess: 2530 S Mooney Blvd Suite P Visalia Ca 93277-6254
Name: Cyndi Symanek
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: FL
Time: 1998-01-17 18:38:00
Comments: Researching surnames SYMANEK, FRUEH, FAERBER, ALLEN in Stephenson Co.
Name: Bruce Freeman
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Manchester, Ia.
Time: 1998-01-17 05:43:00
Comments: Looking for Information on FREEMAN family,Daniel, Elbridge George, and Lyman,in or near Rock City 1830-1860.
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