Gideon Ives
Submitted by: A. J. Ives
Source: Aledo Democrat
Gideon IVES
An Old Settler Son
One of the oldest merchants of Mercer County, passed away at his home in New Boston at 1 o'clock Wednesday morning, May 19, 1897.  The funeral will be held from the residence at 10 o'clock Friday Morning.  Mr. Ives was born in Wallingford Connecticut , in 1825 and was the youngest son of Gideon and Charlotte Ives.  In 1843 he left Yale College where he had taken one years work and came west and went to clerking for Denison-Ives in New Boston. The first money he earned he sent back to pay his years tuition at Yale. Three years after arriving in New Boston Mr. Ives entered in partnership with E. J. Denison, his Uncle, Harley Ives having retired from the firm.
For some twenty years the firm of Ives & Denison was the leading firm of this part of the state and at once time handled perhaps one half of the produce of Mercer County.  Mr. Ives was united in marriage to Rachel Drury, June 2, 1853, who with two sons, Frank and Fred and two daughters, Floe and Hattie, survive him.  One daughter, Nellie was laid to rest October 14, 1864.  Jennie Ballard a married daughter died October 24, 1886 and Paul , April 4,1890.  Mr. Ives also leaves two grandchildren Floy , daughter of Frank Ives and Roy Ballard, both of whom make their home with their grand parents.
For a number of years Mr. Ives has been doing business with his sons under the firm name of G. Ives & Sons and before his death made disposition of his property and requested his business be continued.  Mr. Ives was a shrewd far sighted business man and noted for his stricked integrity and while he gave his life to business pursuits, he always had time to devote questions of public interest and was devoted husband and father,  Mr. Ives stricken with paralysis several months since, but rallied and was able to go to the store and be on the streets until some two weeks since when  stroke caused him to take to his bed.  He had been  unconscious for several days lying apparently asleep until the last when he passed away quietly to the home that knows no cares, no troubles , no sorrow.
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