Hannah Beach
Submitted by: Nadine Holder
Aledo Weekly Record February 24, 1864
DIED; At the residence of her son-in-law, Wm. H. Dixon, in New Boston, Feb. 3d, 1864, Mrs. Hannah Beach, aged 71 years. Mother Beach was born in New Marlbrough, Massachusetts, February 24th, 1793. At the age of 28 years she embraced religion and united with the Baptist Church, since which time she has maintained the integrity of true Christian character. - At the age of 33 years she united in marriage with Mr. Hubbard Beach of New Haven, Conn., and in 1851 emigrated with her husband to New Boston, Ill. Here the companion of her life with whom she had lived in peace and harmony for nearly 30 years, was removed by death, Oct. 7th, 1855. During the remaining period of her life she resided with her son-in-law above named. Mr. John F. Beach, of Nevada Territory, and Mrs. Mary J. Dixon, of New Boston, her only children, still live to mourn the loss of an affectionate Christian mother. In justice to the religion she professed we would say Mother Beach lived not in vain. In her religious deportment she was unassuming and unobtrusive; yet none the less effective was the living principal of Christianity, which like an undercurrent of feeling and thought, ever present, seemed to pervade her whole life. - Many hearts were made sad when it was rumored that Mother Beach was sick unto death; and many tears of bitterness were shed as a very large concourse of friends and neighbors in order passed the altar to gaze for the last time upon the placid features of one they had learned to love so well. Sweetly she sleeps till the Saviour shall bid her arise. Sleep on dear Mother!
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