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Submittedd by: Lynda in Moline, R.I. Co., IL
Moline, Rock Island Co., IL
Moline REVIEW-DISPATCH newspaper
Friday, June 29, 1894
Ralph Evert of Aledo, Merco County, Married Miss Lucy Wadsworth in Milan on Wednesday. both are students of Hedding College. The wedding was at the home of the bride's parents south of Milan.
(While this newspaper is in Rock Island County, it does concern a Mercer County resident.)

Submitted by: Marna Wakeland Wilson
Springfield, Missouri
Source: Rock Island Argus
Tuesday,February 9, 1864.
James Carroll of Preemption, Mercer County, Illinois has taken his family to live at Fletcher,Franklin County, Vermont, where he has relatives.

Submitted by: Marna Wakeland Wilson
Springfield, Missouri
Source: Rock Islander
Wednesday, February 11, 1857
Robert Malcolm of Preemption,Mercer County, left his home about the last of November to take a load of goods to Minnesota, 125 miles north of Dubuque, Iowa. Five weeks ago, news arrived that he had reached his destination safely and that he would return immediately, but nothing since has been heard from him.

Submitted by: Marna Wakeland Wilson
Springfield, Missouri
Rock Island Evening Argus
August 28, 1868
Lewis Castor and Sampson Castor of Perryton, Mercer County, Illinois, along with
Philip Schneider, John Schneider, Frank Betherum, E. Burrows, John McLaughlin and the Rev.
J.P.Young of Edgington, Rock Island County, have gone to Kansas with the intention of
purchasing homes there.

Submitted by: Marna Wakeland Wilson
Springfield, Missouri
Rock Island and Moline Daily Union
September 9, 1869
Mrs. Charlotte Heflin of Preemption,Mercer,Illinois, gave birth September 7,1869 to six
children , three boys and three girls, all living.

Submitted by: Marna Wakeland Wilson
Springfield, Missouri
Rock Island Evening Argus
Tuesday,August 25,1868
William Welch, a boy who was bound to Daniel Twelvetree of Hamlet,Mercer County, has left for parts unknown.
He was aged 10 years and his mother consented to his apprenticeship.

Submitted by: Marna Wakeland Wilson
Springfield, Missouri
Illinois Marriage Returns
Charles Griffith of Millersburg, Mercer,Illinois, farmer aged 66 born in Indiana , son of John and Rachel Porter Griffith. married Roxanna Jones (maiden name was Roxanna Fuller ) of Duncan Twp.Mercer,Illinois age 38 born in the state of
Maine. She is the daughter of Amos and Sara Dane Fuller. This was the 2nd marriage for both.The license was issued March 14,1879 by C.C. Wordin County Clerk and they were married March 20,1879 at Aledo by A.R. Morgan the Pastor of the M. E. Church in Aledo, with witness, Mrs. S.H. Derbeshire(only one given)

Submitted by: Marna Wakeland Wilson
Springfield, Missouri
Rock Island Daily Union Fri. July 21,1876
Charles C. Bowles of Jefferson County,New York lost his wife in Dec. 1875 and placed his four children among various families to be raised. Mrs. Phelander Hinkley of Duncan Twp. Mercer County, Illinois (a sister of the deceased Mrs. Bowles) took Freddy, age 6-7 yrs. to raise. She has no children of her own. Ten days after his wife's death, on January 1st last, Mr. Bowles married his 2nd wife and has been trying to get his children back. He sent his brother out to Mercer County to reclaim Freddy, but Mrs. Hinckley would not part with the boy. The child is to be returned to his father , according to the

Submitted by: Marna Wakeland Wilson
Springfield, Missouri
Rock Island Dailey Union Friday, October,13, 1876
George Ernest of Mercer County,age 17 years, married Alice Ismel age 16 years also of Mercer County,
yesterday in Rock Island,

Submitted by: Marna Wakeland Wilson
Springfield, Missouri
These records were taken from the Aledo Times Record.
(1) Robert L. Downing of Joy, married Dora E. Fuller on wednesday at the home of the brides mother, Mrs. Josephine Fuller in Aledo. Mrs. Jennie Sherer is a sister of the groom. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Downing of Joy.
They will live at Joy. December 20,1895 in Mercer County
(2) Victor A. Johnson married Miss Emma Bjorklund on December 18th at the residence of the brides father, H.P.
Bjorklund of Aledo.
(3) G.W. VanFossen married Miss Fannie Clements on Dec. 17th at the M.E. Parsonage; They are both of Aledo.

Submitted by: Peggy Carey
7 Dec 1882
Shooting Affair at North Henderson
The citizens of North Henderson, Mercer County, the first station north of Alexia on the railroad, were startled Wednesday morning by a shooting affair that will in all probability end fatally. For some time there has been a difficulty existing between Dr. C.G. STEWARD and DR. W.H. BROWN, practicing physicians and brothers-in-law, and as is generally the case in family feuds, the hatred became intense. Dr. STEWARD had been reporting things about the community detrimental to the character and standing of Dr. BROWN a citizen and physician. Dr. BROWN went to Dr. STEWART and told him if he didn’t stop talking about him he would send him (STEWART) to the penitentiary. The feud calumniated in a fight between the two doctors on election day, in which STEWART got the worst of it. After this Dr. STEWART left the country, and we learn has not been around the neighborhood but once since. Some time ago he came to Monmouth to secure legal advise and get out papers to require BROWN to keep the peace. Wednesday morning about 4 o’clock, the wife of Dr. STEWART went to BROWN’S kitchen alone and knocked. The Dr. Supposing it was some one wanting medical attention, got up and went to the door and opened it, when Mrs. STEWARD stepped up, and the Dr. said, “Come in Lovey.” As he stepped to the table to light a lamp, Mrs. STEWART remarked, “You have brought me to this.” At the same time drawing a 32-calibre revolver and fired. The ball entered the back, passed through the lungs and came out below the left nipple. As soon as the deed was done Mrs. STEWARD left, and as she could be tracked in the snow from her house to that of BROWN, it was easily seen that no person accompanied her. A carriage was in waiting for her at her home and with her three children and perhaps her husband she left the town going east. Telegrams were sent in all directions for her arrest, find there is but a small chance of her escape. Dr. BROWN is a son of ALLEN BROWN, an old and respected citizen of North Henderson, and the Dr. laid out the town years ago. He represented the township in the Board of Supervisors of Mercer County for successive terms and was well respected in the community. Dr. STEWART has been a resident of North Henderson for about six years, and he had accumulated considerable property. Dr. BROWN has been married a second time and had two children by his first wife. The shooting causes much excitement in North Henderson and in the neighborhood. ~ Monmouth Review.
The Doctor and his wife were arrested and are now in jail at Aledo.
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