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Joseph ALYEA

Joseph ALYEA purchased 640 acres of land in Sections 29 and 31 in Eliza Township in Mercer County in May 1836. This acreage was purchased for rental and speculation and Joseph settled in the town of New Boston where he started a dry goods and grocery business with his sons Thomas and Isaaih.

Joseph was born in 1787 in New Jersey. He was descended from Nicholas d'AILLY of Dunois, Artois, France, who came to New York in 1682. Related family names are ALLEE and AILLY. According to the History of Mercer County Joseph's first wife died in New Jersey leaving two children. He next married Margaret LOVE who bore him four children including Thomas who was born in Hamilton County, Ohio. Margaret died in Fairfield, Franklin County, Indiana, and Joseph married Phoebe (last name unknown). Phoebe bore three sons, Isaiah, William, and Charles, and five daughters, Maria, Margaret, Hester, Martha, and Vina.

In 1853 son Thomas took over the drug store business in New Boston, formerly run by John BEESON (see Beeson biography). Thomas was in partnership with physician Edmund HARRELL who made tinctures and compounds for the drug store. When Edmund Harrell died in 1857 Thomas was guardian for his children. The 1850 census for Edmund shows wife Sabria Ann, children Drusilla, Sarah and William. Harrell descendants are found in Franklin County, Indiana, so the families likely came to Mercer County, together. Thomas Alyea named his son Thomas Edmund after Dr. Harrell and Thomas Edmund Alyea grew up to be a physician

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