Swedish Lutheran Charter Members 1873- 1923
Charter members of the Swedish Lutheran Church of Aledo IL, taken from the book “Jubilee Album, 50th Anniversary of the Swedish Lutheran Church of Aledo, IL 1873-1923”.   (Book published by the church itself, no copyright)
Members who signed the charter on May 19, 1873
Nils Forsander
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oscar Lundblad
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ringdahl
Clara Johnson
Karina Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Swen Larson
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Swanson
Clara M. Swanson
Axel Viktor Swanson
Carl Frederick Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bjorkman (Charley is still a member in 1923)
Carl Forsander
Frans August Peterson
Osle Johnson
John Aug. Bjorkman
Samuel Anderson Frank
Carl August Nyberg
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Magnus Runbom, and sons Nels Johan and Anders Magnus
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John Lindstrom
Mr. and Mrs. John Magnus Helgeson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johan Peterson
Mathilda Sofia Johnson
Stina kathrina Johnson
Ida Carolina Johnson
Malin Johnson
Greta Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Lars Peter Dahl
Olaf Nylin
Gustaf W.  Monson
Oscar Wallin (still a member in 1923)
Jonas Norlund
Anders Peter Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Gustaf Adolph Gustafson (Mrs. Gustafson still a member in 1923)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Magnus Danielson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Oscar Petters
Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson Plym
Mr. and Mrs. Swen John Johnson
Ida Christina Johnson
Emma Helena Samuelson
Swen Esua Johnson
John Johnson
Elof Larson
Nels Aug. Swenson
Nels Gustaf Tillberg
Ida Josephine Nyman
Kers Anders Anderson
Charles A. Tuen
Mathilda Charlina Engstrand
Carl Aug. Nelson
John Peter Helgeson
Mr. and Mrs. Anders Johan Spongberg
Emma Nelson
Nels Aug. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Gustaf Olson
Mr. and Mrs. John  F. Anderson
Clara Sophina Olafson
Oscar William Gustafson
Swen Rydell
Peter Levin
Per Otto Gustafson
John Peter Plym
John Swenson
This is the order they appear in the book, which is apparently the order they are in the church register.
Swan Youngren is listed as a Charter Member who is still a member in 1923, but isn’t on the list above.
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