Lewis Noble
Submitted by: Cory Tarrants
Source: The Noble ⁄ Rader families; Pioneer Settlers of Mercer Co. as published in the Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio under the date of April 19, 1854. The author was C. M. Wright who it is assumed was a Methodist preacher.
March 27 -- At New Boston, Mercer County, Illinois, LEWIS NOBLE, aged 76 years. Father Noble  was born in the State of North Carolina. In 1801 he was married to Miss Elizbeth Burgess, with whom he has lived 52 years, 6 months and 4 days. She now mourns her loss. In 1812 he removed to Indiana and settled in Fayette County, being one of the first settlers. In 1815 he and his wife joined the Methodist Episcopal Church and remained a worthy member for 39 years. While in Indiana, his house was a preaching place for nearly 20 years, and his hospitable roof the home of the itinerant. No doubt the old
pioneers will recognize in the subject of this memoir an old and well tried friend of the olden times -- times which 'tried men's souls.'  But the good old veteran has gone home. He died just 19 years to a day from the time he landed at his last place of residence. He had twelve children, ten of whom he lived to see grown to maturity. His life was a living comment on our holy religion -- his death one of Christian triumph. During his sickness he often conversed about his departure. When he was first taken sick he was asked by his aged wife if he would not like to live a little longer. He replied, "If I could be right well and hearty, I would like to stay a little longer, but the Lord's will be done." He then seemed to sink away. During his entire sickness, religion was his solace. Three days before he died he called for his hymn book. He took it, looked in it, and seemed to sigh. "Oh", said he, "I cannot read!" but repeated the lines, "Away my unbelieveing fear -- let my religious hours alone," and sank away -- but revived again. A short time after this he was asked whether he thought he would stay with us long. He replied, "I have no business to stay here. I' am going to a better clime." About four hours before he died, his mind became bright and  he
conversed quite freely on religion -- about the ' other clime.' Just before he died, he looked up, and pointing with his finger, said, "I see, I see ! "  His wife asked, "What do you see?" He replied, "I see my Jesus and Moses" -- hesitating -- " there are four ! " While his aged wife was weeping and bending over him, he looked up with a smile. She said, "I'am, sorry to see you suffer so." "Oh" said he, "that makes him farther off! " "Who" said his wife. "My Jesus", said he, and then he breathed his last. Yes, he 'went home to recieve his crown.'
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