Keithsburg Fire - July 4th 1870
The most considerable fire which ever took place in this town was on the night of July 4th, 1870, and broke out in the lovery stable belonging to Henry N. Ives and situated on the west side of Fourth Street between Main & Jackson.  The Nelson House adjoining was burned as were Mrs. Emily Wade's and Joseph Thompson's dwelling , and the O. Holland corn house.  The total loss, after deductions $5500.00 of insurance , was $13,000.  The distressing feature of this misfortune was the loss of two young  boys, Frank Ives and Willie Dempster, who perished in the flames while sleeping in the livery stable.  These lads were about fourteen years of age.  They suffocated, it is thought, before the fire reached their couch.  Their charred bodies were removed and the burial took place from the Methodist Church where most solemn and impressive funeral services were performed.  The fire to have been incendiary.  (Willful destruction of property by fire)
Source of information:  1882 History of Mercer County
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