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George Monroe EIKENBARY

George Monroe EIKENBARY and Amanda Evaline WELCH Eikenbary were extraordinary pioneers. They moved from Indiana to Illinois, to Dakota Territory, to Iowa, to Missouri, and finally to Oklahoma in a time period spanning the last half of the nineteenth century. During those travels they met, married, and had twelve children, all raised to maturity. George Monroe's ancestry can be traced back to Martinus EICHENBERG who came to New York about 1726.

George Monroe came to Mercer County Illinois in the fall of 1864 with the HONEYMAN wagon train (see David Honeyman biography). Two brothers, Alfred Pierce, and Francis Washington were also in the wagon train. At the time of Monroe's marriage to Amanda WELCH (see Harvey Welch biography)he owned a farm on the SW 1⁄4 of the NE 1⁄4 of Section 8 in New Boston Township. Shortly after their eldest son, Fred Welch was born, gold was discovered in the Black Hills of South Dakota. George and Amanda quickly sold their farm and were off to South Dakota where a second son, Wilford, was born at Bismarck. Unsuccessful in their quest for gold they returned to Iowa where Harvey Zachariah, George Monroe, Jr., Frances Bertha, Frank Washington and Grover Cleveland were born. They moved south to Missouri where Rose, Loyd, Effie Jane, Van Allen and Lawrence Rollo were born. The family wagoned on to Pawnee County, Oklahoma, around the turn of the century. Many descendants live in Oklahoma today.

George Monroe's brother, Alfred Pierce Eikenbary, married Amanda Jane SLOAN, daughter of Robert and Amanda Trysler Sloan of Mercer County. They had children Vida Jane, Oran Alfred, Albert Glenn, Comley Casper, and Francis Grover. The family spent a short time in Butler County, Iowa, but soon returned to Mercer County. Sometime before 1888 they moved to Kansas. Many of their descendants live today in Kansas and Oklahoma. Frances Washington never married and is buried in Pottawatamie County, Oklahoma.

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