Lancaster May 23rd AD 1845

B.H. Wilson   dear sir

I received your leter dated New Boston March 28th on the 15 of April accompanied with a Power of Attorney vested in me for the ___ of your per patience part of the Estate of James M Cormick ____ at the time your letter came to hand, I was engaged in filling the apointments of the Preacher in charge on Baltimore Circuit, who was then in Iowa FF but has since returned to the Circuit which releases me from that responsibility; but owing to Existing circumstances, I will be under the nessesity of going to Portsmouth before going to see Mr. McCormick; however I will inform him by letter of the matter with which you are interested; and I will be to see him personally leaving(?)  the summer I have thought it proper in the first place to right to McCommic in order that he may be prepared and it will serve the expense of one trip to Tiffin where he (McCommic) resides; and on my return from Portsmouth; I will receive an answer and that will give me a full understanding of the situation of the land matter and then I can give you a detailed account of the situation. Thereof so that you may attend to it under standingly.

Well Margaret with regard to your relatives your Grandfather and Grand Mother McComas and Grandfather & Mother Swartz are all of them dead but your Grand Uncle James McCommick is yet living and a host of Cozens, your Grand Father Gossage is yet living and is well when last herd from your Uncle John Swartz and Famley (Family) William Swartz and Famley (Family) James Swartz and Famley (Family) and your Aunt Ellener Williams and Famley are all well. Myself and Family are in the enjoyment of the Blessing of Good Health; we have no very interesting news at present to gave you; we have had a grate deal of wet wether; the folks are not quit done planting corn but the ____ elements have now hushed and we have very pleasent wether at present; wheat crops look fine and the prospect has never been better and our market is brisk sheet 85 cts per Bus Corn 18 cts oats 16 cts Bacon the hogs round $4.00 Pork 6 cts Beef from 4 to 6 cts Butter 8 cts Good Horses range from $50.00 to $75.00 per head ther⁄ is a grate nomber of Cattle Drove pas where I live from your state; you must have a grate Stock Contray (Country)

I will now close in haste as I am on the ___ of starting on my way to Portesmouth and as ever remain your true and _______________.

David H Swartz

Addressed to:

Mr. B.F. Willson

New Boston

Mercer Co

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