Gideon IVES

Gideon Ives, merchant, was born in Wallingford,Connecticut, in 1825 and was the youngest son of Gideon and Charlotte (HALL) Ives.  He received an academic education in his native town and in 1843 came west .  he settled in New Boston, Mercer County, IL where he at once began clerking for the firm of Denison & Ives.  As early as 1846 he embarked in general merchandising in partnership with Elmer J. Dension and kept up this connection until 1865.  At that date Mr. Ives withdrew  from the firm and was out of trade till 1881 when he formed a partnership with Frank Ives (son) and C.H. Ballard (son-in-law), under the style of Ives Ballard & Co.  Mr. Ives was originally a Whig and voted for President for General Taylor in 1848.  He has been steadfast Republican since his party came into existance.  He has always been squarely indentified with the temperance  work.  In 1853 he was united in marriage with Miss Rachael Drury, daughter of John Drury.  Born to this union were seven children; Frank who married Miss Lizzie Moll; Jennie , wife of C.H. Ballard; Flora ; Fred; Nellie (died in infancy); Hattie ; and Paul. (1882)

Submitted by:  Alicia Ives

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