Nadine Holder - 4⁄15⁄1997

JEMIMA SANTEE LONG was born March 24, 1777 Washington County, Pennsylvania. When she was 17 years old, Revolutionary War Veteran Andrew Long, born May 10, 1758, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, came walking over the mountains and swept her off her feet. They were married October 18, 1794 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Their children were Phoebe Long, married first William Retherford June 6, 1815, married second Robert Swann Jan 12, 1854, Union Co, Ind; Elizabeth Long, married James Smith, December 3, 1830, Union Co, Ind.; John Long, married Mary Hutson, May 16, 1824 (an early school commissioner of Mercer County according to Mercer County History); Isabel A. Long, married David Honeyman, September 10, 1824; Andrew Long, married Timandra Sparks, May 20, 1827; Mary Ann Long, married Rezin Pratt, November 5, 1828; William Long, married Sarah Ferguson, July 29, 1832, Union County, Indiana; Sarah Long, married first Robert Malaby, October 16, 1831 (son William Malaby Co G 27th Illinois Regiment, died at Stone River, Tennessee December 31, 1862), married second Alfred Doxee, March 13, 1846, Mercer County, Ill; Jane Long, married first Andrew Malaby, May 12, 1833, Union County, Ind, married second John S. Noble, May 25, 1844, Mercer County, Ill, married third David Honeyman, September 24, 1857, Union County, Ind; Rebecca Long, married Samuel R. Mannon, April 28, 1839, Mercer County, Ill; Hugh Alexander Long, married Adeline Halsey, November 19, 1846, Mercer County, Ill. The entire family moved from Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to Union County, Indiana, in 1830, where Andrew Long died in 1834. Gradually over the years most of the family moved to Mercer County, Illinois. Jemima lived many years in the home of her son-in-law Rezin Pratt. She died December 8, 1864 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery, Mercer County. Andrew Long's Revolutionary War service has been proven to the satisfaction of the DAR.

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