Submitted by Nadine Holder 4⁄28⁄1997


Harvey WELCH was born 1805 in Orange County, North Carolina, son of Joshua Welch a plantation overseer from Virginia. About 1826 the family moved to Wayne County, Indiana, settling next to the John Woodward family. In 1834 Harvey married Rachel Woodward. Over the next few years many of Harve and Rachel's neighbors moved to Mercer County, Illinois, but Harve and Rachel stayed on until 1856. They lived on the Woodward land which lay along the National Road and made a good living supplying a droving way station. When livestock droving was replaced by railroad transportation, Harve and Rachel and family finally moved on to Mercer County, settling near old neighbors. Harve and Rachel had children: William Welch, served in 27th Illinois Infantry; John Welch, served 27th Illinois Infantry, married Margaret Moore; Joseph Welch; Lydia Ellen Welch married William Carr who served 102nd Illinois Infantry; Patrick Welch, served 124th Illinois Infantry, married Ann Elizabeth Newkirk; Mary Elizabeth Welch, married Joseph Endicott; Wiley Welch, married Sarah Elvira Essley; Rachel Welch; Hartwell Welch, buried Shields Cemetery, Mercer County; Amanda Welch, married George Monroe Eikenberry; James Welch married Josephine Walker. Harvey Welch died 1888 and is buried in the Shields Cemetery in Mercer County

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