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Elizabeth Johnston was born in County Fermanaugh, Ulster (Ireland) December 1845.  She was around two when her parents, John and Mary Brannian Johnston came up the Mississippi, landing near Milan, IL in Rock Island County.  They came to Mercer County immediately and settled in Preemption on the side of the road that subsequently identified them as "Yankee".  From then on each of the people in this family were known as John "Y", etc.  On that boat coming up the Mississippi in 1848, was John and Mary, their daughter Mary who later married William "Y" Johnston.  Elizabeth (Lizzie) and a son James who was born on board.  He is mentioned in the 1882 Mercer County History.  He married Matilda Johnston.

According to my source, a granddaughter of Lizzie, three more daughters were born in Mercer County.  Etta who married John Hogan; Sarah who married William Doonen and Martha (Mattie) who married William T. Johnston.

Lizzie married Joseph Wagoner Lemon (son of John Kline Lemon and the late Elizabeth Lundy Lemon) in 1870 and lived with him until his suicide in 1899 in a home near  Perryton that was known as the "Old Joe Lemon farm."  It has been razed.  They had two sons, John W. Lemon and Thomas
Lundy Lemon.  Thomas
married, but had no living children.  He served as a Rural Route Deliveryman for the U.S. Post Office in Deep River, IA for many years.  (Many Johnstons in the generation of John "Y" and Mary Brannian Johnston had moved to the Deep River area after their arrival in Mercer County⁄Rock Island County, Illinois.)  Joe and Lizzie also had six daughters, five of whom married and had children.  Mary Elizabeth (Ross Bonynge); Charlotte Jane (Samuel Hutchinson); Etta Mae (John Francis Johnson); Sarah Ann (Albert William Gustafson); and Lulu (Art Swartout).  The last daugter Matilda was retarded.  After the death of her mother, Lizzie, in 1923, she lived a month at a time with each of the four sisters in the Aledo, Milan, Perryton area.  Lizzie and Joe are buried in Preemption Cemetery.  Sarah and Albert are in the same plot, along with John W Lemon and sister Matilda. John "Y" and Mary Brannian Johnston are also buried in Preemption Cemetery as are his parents Thomas "Old Tom"  and Elizabeth "Aunt Betty" Johnston.  The tombstone of Thomas does not have the name of his wife on it.

Submitted by Cheryl Gustafson Banks, Great-granddaughter


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