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Hahn In researching my husband's family, I've come to a dead end. :(   I'm looking for any information on the August and Bena Hahn family of McHenry County, Chemung area.

The only info I
have is one son (my husband's grandfather), Perly. Perly had two brothers, Louis and Jess. I have NO info on either of them, but would like to "round out" the family, if I can :)  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
Shari 10-29-05
Nichols Dead end with my Nichols family. Can't link ancestor [Charles H. Nichols family (m. Clara Hart)] to other Nichols in area, originally from NY to IL. Have Nichols family info and 1870 census parts from Merango Township. Danielle 10-29-05
Drew, Householder, Jayne I am looking for the descendants of Jane D. DREW b. 1823 in Putnam County, NY. She married John JAYNE on 3-20-1847 in Steuben County, NY. They and had two children: Mary P. b. 1842
ucy Frances b. 1-7-1848.
They moved to McHenry County, IL in
the mid 1850s.

Lucy Frances JAYNE d. 9-24-1861 in McHenry
County, IL. Mary P. JAYNE m. Stephen JAYNE and had one child, Frances M. JAYNE b. 1858 in IL. Jane D. DREW was widowed and later married a HOUSEHOLDER.
Jeff 9-17-05
Cutting, Newell My great-grandfather, Henry Eugene Cutting, was born in Woodstock on May 26, 1851. I'm trying to follow my great-great grandfather back east from Woodstock. His name is Henry P. Cutting, married to Laurensy E. Newell-Cutting. Info I have says that Henry P. was one of the pioneers of Ill. Thanks for the help. Cory 9-17-05
Maxwell My husband's grandfather was Clarence E. Maxwell, his father was William Eugene Maxwell. He has family information available. Karen 9-17-05
Pennoyer I am looking for James Monroe Pennoyer who was in the 1870 census in Woodstock, McHenry County. He lived most of his life in Cook County where he was Justice of the peace in Leydon, Cook County Ill in 1866. Catherine 9-09-05
Cramer, Creamer, Davey, Feller, Fellows, Robenault, Robenolt, Sherman Seeking descendents of MOSES FELLOWS [1814-ABT 1852, said to have died on way to California Gold Field] and perhaps his brother JOSEPH FELLOWS [1811-after 1870] who married CATHERINE ROBENAULT, daughter of PETER AND MARGARET [CRAMER-CREAMER] ROBENAULT. Peter, Margaret Robenault and Catherine Fellows are buried in the McHenry area. Joseph's daughters married DAVEY and SHERMAN husbands. Carol 9-09-05
Krull, Zimmerman Hi, Would appreciate any information on any of these families. Fred and Minnie Iven Krull. Their children were:
Fred and Minnie were my G.Grandparents.
John a
nd Elizabeth Zimmerman. Their children were:
John and Elizabeth were my G.grandparents.
Ruby 8-20-05
Bartlett, Durant, Haskin Searching for Charles Haskin m. to Alice Bartlett married in McHenry Co., Il; also brother John Haskin m to Mary Bartlett daughters of William Bartlett and Alice Durantlived in the area 1872-1878 Carol 8-13-05
Hulland, LaDow, Tyrrel I am looking for info on the family of Peter and Sophia LaDow. They are in the 1850 Ill., McHenry Co Census for the town of Brooklyn. Peter and Sophia's sons, William C. and George A. are attending college and daughter Elizabeth (Betsy) is living at home. Their son John, and his family, and daughters, Polly and Sarah and their husbands, Thomas Hulland and James Tyrrell are farming.

Any information on these families will b
e greatly appreciated. I don't know when they moved to McHenry Co. but shortly after the 1850 census, they were joined by an older son James, a physician, and all except the Tyrrells moved to Oshkosh and Waupaca, Wi. Thank you for any help you can give.
Norma 8-06-05
Daman, Damon Hosea DAMON moved to McHenry Co from Ohio. He  wife are listed in the 1850 Ohio census. He died 1 June 1955 in McHenry Co. His will is in my possesion. His wife, Harriett, is not mentioned in his will. I am looking for location of burial for both Hosea and Harriett. Ruth 8-06-05
Ringdahl I am looking for anything on Olaf M Ringdahl died Aug 12,1935. Buried in Morengo. Was a native of Sweden. Brother to my Great Grandfather Ole Ringdahl. Trying to locate any surviving members of his family. What cemetary he was buried at and find who his Father was .Have his mother' name. Aprill 8-06-05
Mertes, Wolf I am looking for any information on the Mertes family who lived in McHenry and owned the resort "Oak Park Hotel" on Pisakee Bay. The Wolf family is thought to be in that area as well. Grandparents, Charles Mertes, Bertha Wolf. Sally 8-06-05
Cummings, Freeman, Sanford Looking for info on the FREEMAN family who came to Greenwood from Morley, New York, circa 1845.

Father is Lyman Freeman,
married to Maria Cummings. Sons: Charlie
Thurman (George T.
a possible son, Henry, served in the Civil War 95th Infan
try, Company H
Family also included brothers:
n (?)
and sisters:
Elvira Finlanda
and my 2nd great
grandmother, Calnah, who married Charles Sanford
Lora 7-14-05
Levey, Weller Michael Levey was born about 1786 in Niskayuna, Albany, NY. He married Mary Weller, born in Albany county, NY in Aug 1790. They married in New York, moved westward, and died in Marengo, Michael in Sep 1856 and Mary in Nov 1865. I am trying to verify their death dates and find out where they are buried. Donna 6-26-05
Northrup Looking for information on Chester Northrup (1827-1898) and wife Louisa, both born in NY and died in McHenry County. Anyone who has information to share, please contact. Jan 6-26-05
Mt. Thabor Cemetery, Dorr Township My name is Dyer Freeman and I live in Greenbrier, TN. I have been studying my family roots in McHenry County for about a year now. I have traced them back to Owen and Catherine Dyer. They are buried in Mt. Thabor Cemetery in Dorr Townhip which is on the Northwest corner of Hwy 176 and Mt. Thabor Road. in Dorr Township. It is a small country graveyard with about 120-130 burials. If you need any information on that cemetery I would be more than willing to share the information I have. I have been trying to collect family group records, death notices and obituaries for those buried there. It is still a work in progress. I have met three other people who can trace their family back to the cemetery. I have even met one distant cousin. Write be back if you would like information. Dyer 6-26-05
Hand, Hills, Jackson, Southworth Seeking information on the JACKSON family of Coral and Marengo (McHenry CO.) IL. George W. and Maria Jackson lived in McHenry CO. I found them in census of 1850, 1860 and 1880. They had eight sons and two dauhters. They both died in McHenry County and were buried in Marengo cemetary. George died Nov. 24, 1896 in Coral, IL. Maria Jackson(Hills) died on Mar. 27, 1913. George was a farmer.

He was born in England and came to
the US in 1819. His son, John Wesley Jackson, was married to Ella Southworthworth who was born in Marengo and died there. (Born in 1857 and died in 1890.) Then he married Clara Louise Hand in 1891. I found that they had 3 children in the 1880 census in McHenry Co.

They belonged to the Methodist Church.
If anyone could help me find out any information on my family I wouild greatly appreicate it. Things such as obituary's, cemetary information, county history's, probate info., land records, or any family information. Thank you.
Debbie 5-30-05
Hanners Vina Clement Hanners Social Security info states born 3-1892 died 8-1980. I would like to know where she is buried, husband name, any children. Thank you. Shirley 5-22-05
Chesley, Goodwin, Hunter, McMillan, Robinson I am looking for information on John and Elizabeth McMillan Robinson, both born in New York and moved to McHenry County by 1857 and probably died there. They had four children: James Andrew
Hugh Ross
Hester A.
Helen Elizabeth
Elizabeth marr
ied John Hunter in 1883, Hester married Victor Goodwin in 1875 and Andrew J. married Susan Chesley in 1873.

They are fou
nd on the 1860, 1870 and 1880 census in Nunda, McHenry, Illinois, and Elizabeth is found with her daughter Elizabeth Hunter on the 1900 census in Nunda.

I am trying to find out wher
e they came from in New York and when they died. The first three children were born there as well as the parents and three of the grandparents. Elizabeth McMillan's mother was possibly born in Scotland.
Pamela 5-7-05
Griffeth, Griffith, Pardee, Wyman Seek information on Laura Ann  Seth Wyman. They married after 1888. Seth supposedly died in 1903 in Union, IL. What is the death date and place for Laura? Laura was born Laura Ann Pardee. She married Alpheus Griffith-Griffeth in 1848 in Broome Co, NY. They divorced in 1888 in McHenry Co, IL. Cathy 5-7-05
Stienke Need information on Frederick, Wilhelm, Herman August, Julius or any Stienke living in this area Kathy 5-7-05
Corkins, Lake, Van Wicklin Looking for information on the place of burial of Margaret Van Wicklin age abt 25 who died 4 Dec 1860, of diptheria in Coral. Wife of Daniel, mother of Diantha and Cerolin. Connie 4-17-05
Stewart, Wheeler I am seeking information or contact with others researching Wheeler's of McHenry County, Illinois.

Noyes (b. Stonington,
Connecticut 17 Dec 1772) and his wife Priscilla Stewart Wheeler (b. Stonington, Connecticut 20 May 1778) purchased land - sections E2LOT2NE (4103 acres); NWSE (8000 acres); and E2SE (4000 acres) on April 21, 1849. That was the same day that their son, Charles E. Wheeler, purchased land also in McHenry County.

I know that Charles lived in or near Algonquin in 18
50 and 1860 because he and his family are listed in the Census. By 1870 they had moved to Minnesota. However, I can not find any information to determine if Noyes and Priscilla lived in McHenry County or only purchased land there. I want to find out if they sold the land and when as well as any information about their lives there. Did they die there? Did they have other family members living in the area? Are others researching this family?
Marlys 4-10-05
Burnham, Hibbard, Merrill I am researching my family and have traced them to this area. The information I am interested in is finding out about Roswell Merrill and his wife Harriet Burnham Merrill. What did the family do in Illinois for a living before moving on? I also know that they came from Vermont and possibly from MA or CT before that. Any links will be appreciated.

I know Harriet m
oved to the McHenry area with her parents Jame and Fannie Hibbard Burnham from Vermont. This family I can trace quite well.

The Merrill's however have proven a mystery. The time fram
e would have been somewhere around 1818 to 1821, this is as close to the time Roswell would have been born. He was married to Harriet in 1842 and died in 1857. I have reports of them having 4 sons: Ed. M. Merrill, born 1845
Rush M.Merrill born
D.E.F. Merrill born 1852
Don Juan Merrill,born 1857
The first child was born in McHenry County, the second in Cook County. As Roswell's widow remained in LaPorte City, I feel this is my best place to continue looking.

I would like to
know what his occupation was. I know he died quite young. Any information or newspaper mention of the names I stated will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any and all help.
Kathy 3-19-05
Carr, Fallon, Gannon, Pentony I'm looking for information on the following families from Ireland, who were in Dorr, McHenry County in the 1850s: William Pentony  Elizabeth Gannon Pentony, from County Meath
k Gannon  Mary Carr Gannon and children, all born in or near Trim, County Meath
Other early Gannon's in McHenry County we
re Luke Gannon and his wife, Margaret Fallon Gannon from County Sligo.

I'm very interested in any possible connections b
etween these Gannon families.
Allan 3-06-05
Bradley, Kissner, Ostermander, Slafter Born approx. 1863 Charles SLAFTER married Minerva Ostermander, year unknown. Had sons: Elmer Colon
born 7-11-1885 in Raci
ne, WI Clifford Slafter
born 11-11-1886 in Illinois Harrison
born 3-04-1889 in Illinois
I believe Charles died be
tween 1889 and 1895 as Minerva shows a 2nd marriage Sept. 1895 to Almer Bradley in Wisconsin.

Clifford's marriage certif
icate lists his father as Charles A Slafter. Clifford married Maymie Kissner Nov.9, 1906 in Racine. If anyone has information about Charles date of death, marriage date to Minerva, I would appreciate any clue! His middle initial may also have been W. Thanks!
Susan 3-06-05
Redeker I am trying to find if Quinn Redeker, born in Woodstock in 1938 is related to Herman Redeker of Schaumburg, born in 1898, and if so, what was the mother's name, marriage date, etc. Thomas 2-25-05
Hickok, Perkins Hickok is the spelling I use, but the spelling changed from census to census.

Elias Hickok married Charlotte (Perkins) Hi
ckok and had children: Rebecca
Ruth Alice
My mysteries are:
Who are Elias Hickok's ancestors and
where was he born?
Where and when did Elias die?
(Did Rebec
ca die--where and when? Or, did she get married?
Did Ruth Al
ice marry or die--where and when?
Where did everyone go (exc
ept Charlotte) in the 1870 census?
Did Wesley die--where and
Did Silas die--where and when?
Did William die--wher
e and when?
The BASIC PUBLISHED family structure for Hickok
is found here: http:--worldconnect.rootsweb.com-cgi-bin-igm.cgi?op=DESC I37226
Charlotte Perkins (born 1818 Vermont) marr
ied Elias Hickok and by the 1850 census had Rebecca and Ruth Alice.
By the 1860 census, Charlotte and Elias have Ruth Ali
ce, Wesley, Lewis-Louis Orlando, and Silas. BUT Rebecca is not mentioned at all.
In 1870 Charlotte Hickok is the only one
who shows up living in McHenry City, McHenry County, IL. Everyone else disappears.
In 1880 Charlotte, Wesley, and Lewis
all reappear.
Lewis-Louis Orlando marries Harriet-Hattie Gil
e (different spellings at different times). They have Orlie-Orley and Ruby who have no children. They have Elma and Fayette who have children. They have William who shows up in 1880 and 1900 but then disappears.
The BASIC PUBLISHED family stru
cture for Hickok is:
Elias Hickok
in 1850 aged 40 living in
Chemung City, McHenry Co IL (born in CT)
in 1860 aged 46 livi
ng in Chemung City, McHenry Co IL (born in MA)
in 1870 1880 1
900 1910 1920 1930 can't find him Charlotte Perkins
In 1850 a
ged 32 living in Chemung City, McHenry Co IL (born in NY)
1860 aged 32 living in Chemung City, McHenry Co IL (born in NY)
In 1870 aged 53 living in McHenry City, McHenry Co, IL (bo
rn in VT) [living with and-or working for William Nourse (27) and James Nourse (31) Ringwood PO]
In 1880 aged 64 living in
Chemung City, McHenry Co IL (born in NY)
In 1900 aged 81 liv
ing in LeRoy City, Boone Co, IL (born in VT)
Died soon after
1900 Rebecca Hickok In 1850 aged 11 living in Chemung City, McHenry Co IL (born in NY)
In 1860 1870 1880 1900 1910 1920 19
30 can't find her Ruth Alice Hickok In 1850 aged 02 living in Chemung City, McHenry Co IL (born in IL)
In 1860 aged 10 liv
ing in Chemung City, McHenry Co IL (born in NY)
In 1870 1880
1900 1910 1920 1930 can't find her Wesley Hickok In 1850 unborn
In 1860 aged 06 living in Chemung City, McHenry Co IL (bor
n in NY)
In 1870 can't find him
In 1880 aged 29 living in Che
mung City, McHenry Co IL (born in IL)
In 1900 1910 1920 1930
can't find him Lewis D.O. Hickok
In 1850 unborn
In 1860 aged
04 living in Chemung City, McHenry Co IL (born in IL)
In 1870
can't find him
In 1880 aged 28 living in Chemung City, McHen
ry Co IL (born in IL)
In 1900 aged 47 living in LeRoy City, B
oone Co, IL
In 1910 aged 57 living in Sharon City, Walworth C
o, WI (born in IL)
In 1920 1930 can't find him
Pamela Jo 2-25-05
Coolidge Looking for any record of the death of John Oberon Coolidge on 28 Aug 1852. According to family history he was in Woodstock to get a position as Preceptor (Principal) in a school there. Was taken ill suddenly and died at aged 26 before his wife and infant son could join him. The Bigelow Society gives Woodstock as his place of death but I would like some record if possible. Nancy 2-25-05
Beebe, Pike, Watrous, Watson I am looking for anyone who can do a lookup on the two surnames for me in the 1865  1875 state census for Pike and Beebe for Mc Henry Co. In particular who is living with my gg grandfather Ezra Pike, and who were the Beebe's in the Union, Coral Township area living with?

They both apparently were quite
close and many of the family member's intermarried. I am also looking for Florence Beebe (my gg  wife of Ezra) Her mother Abigail Beebe came to McHenry Co after 1860 and was widowed after her husband Ebenezer Beebe was killed in the war in Dorset, VT. Abigail Beebe married Phineas Watrous (2nd) about 1864 (IL marriage Index) but her husband is indexed as Watsons in the Marriage index and it is Watrous, as that is the namme she used on Ebenezer's military pension applications for his children when she applied for his money from the Military.

Was Abigail (Beebe) Watrous-Watsons ever in McHenry Co in those State census and is she buried there in Coral or Union? Our family has no record of her, where did she go? and where is she buried? I tried indexing the Watrous-Watsons and they are gone in 1870 and apparently no where else either. Are they both dead?
Penny 2-20-05
Whitmarsh Looking for information on my g-grandfather, Riley Whitmarsh, son of Louis and Polly Whitmarsh. He was born about 1851 somewhere in NY and died in 1929 in Harvard. He is listed in the 1880 census as a carpenter. Penny 2-20-05
Bainbridge, Goldsberry, Griffee I'm seeking information regarding Alice R. Bainbridge who died 10 Nov 1937 some place in McHenry County. Also Mabel S. Bainbridge who died 7 Oct 1942 in Crystal Lake. I desire to know if Alice's maiden name was Griffee and if Mabel was related to Alice.... any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Kenneth 2-20-05
Hoeg, Wilcox I am looking for any information on the HOEG families . My great grandfather's name was Peter James Hoeg. Peter was born Dec. 28, 1846 - died July 24, 1913. He married and Mary Jane Wilcox. His son, Howard Seth Hoeg, was my grandfather. Peter is buried in the Richmond Cemetery on Broadway St. in Richmond, Illinois. Howard made all the arrangements for the internment. I have no clue why he was buried there other than there is a possiblity that he had family in or around that area. Gloria 2-12-05
Dean, Gest Searching for relation of or genealogy info on Florence (Gest) Dean, b. May 29, 1916, d. Aug 14, 1999, McHenry, McHenry, IL. Do not know husband's first name. Judy 2-12-05
Laughlin There are two related Laughlin families near or from Harvard Illinois 1850's - 1860's that I am interested in.

In 1858 Ma
ry Laughlin arrived in McHenry County IL from County Cork Ireland via rail arriving from New York City with her 6 children. Her husband Michael had died aboard ship during the crossing.

Widowed, Mary Laughlin went to stay with her brother-in-l
aw John Laughlin. John was homesteading there and had a farm near Harvard IL in McHenry County. He arrived before 1858.

ary Laughlin and her 6 children: Johnny (John)

Sarah (she died young)
Leaving McHenry Co
unty, Illinois in 1861 Johnny Laughlin, Mary Laughlin's oldest, married young and had moved to Owatonna, Minnesota. Johnny in Owatonna was apparently going to be called to war, so Mary Laughlin, sent Tom Laughlin (brother of Johnny Laughlin) to be with Johnny's wife, Mary, and their two children.

Tom w
orked the railroad until he earned enough money to send for his mother (Mary Laughlin) and his two youngest sisters, Catherine Laughlin and Sarah Laughlin. Catherine (Laughlin) O'Meara, in telling of this incident said: "He met us in Hastings with a lumber wagon and a yoke of oxen and we traveled to Owatonna. The oxen were so slow that the kids walked most of the way"

The family should be listed in the census of 1860. If
there is an 1865 census, Mary Laughlin, Thomas, Johnny and his wife Mary, most likley will be absent since they moved to Owatonna Minnesota in the early 1860's.

Maria worked in Peor
ia, Illinois and sent money home until she married. Anna went to Chicago to work and married Mr. Ryan there. I have no dates, just thought it couldn't hurt to give more info. Tom never married.
Glenn 2-12-05
Gallaher I am seeking info on Julia A. Gallaher (my great-grandmother) married to William F. Gallaher, a Railroad Mail Clerk.

y were living in McHenry in 1900 and are listed in the Census of that year as having 5 children. I do not know Julia's maiden name - but I believe her family was from McHenry. Any help appreciated.
Kay 2-12-05
Kelleher, Keliher, O'Connor Looking for any information on the Keliher family. Michael Keliher and Ellen O'Connor born in County Cork Ireland came from Bangor, ME to Hartland, IL. Had children: Margaret

John Augustus
Looking f
or any descendents of these "children" to fill in the gaps. Maurice is my GGGrandfather.
Jennifer 2-12-05
Ardery, Beck, Boyd, Carpenter, Patterson, Paul, Trotter Sarah Boyd (b. abt. 1804) in County Armagh, IRE; married John Patterson and immigrated to US 1846. Family in McHenry county (Chemung area) 1850. Sarah and John Patterson's daughter, Mary Jane, married James Beck. Other daughter Sarah married John Trotter. Sarah and John Patterson's son James J. Patterson married Eunice Carpenter. Possible Boyd and Patterson relatives who lived in Chemung and Denham areas beginning about 1848:
Mary Boyd; b. abt. 1818, wife of George Ardery; she d. Ma
rch 7, 1885;
neice Sarah (wife of Samuel Paul)
Mary Jane Bo
yd b. abt 1836 (and on same ship as Mary Boyd and Patterson family on voyage to US)
Jane Boyd b. abt. 1800 (living with M
ary in Chemung 1850 and with Mary  George Ardery in 1870
uel Boyd b. abt. 1818; Ireland
wife Eliza
daughter Ann E
b. abt. 1842 IRE) daughter Mary J.
(b. abt. 1844 IRE) son Wil
liam (b. 1848, IL)
Samuel (b. abt. 1851, IL)
Margaret (b. a
bt. 1853, IL)
Thomas (b. abt. 1856, IL)
James (5 months, b.
1860 census, Samuel and family are in Monroe, Anderson,
Kansas Territory.
Living with the Samuel Boyd family in 185
0 Chemung: Thomas Paul (b. 1826 IRE) and wife Jane (b. 1818 IRE) and son Samuel (5 months, b. IL).
Rea 2-12-05
Anderson Looking for information on Charles Anderson (probably born late 1820's-early 1830's) and his son Adolphus Anderson (born 1852). I believe Adolphus is my great-great grandfather. Thank you! Ben 2-12-05
Mueller, Richter, Schultz, Vogel Looking for information on Herman Frederick Mueller. He married Caroline Wartchow, moved to Hebron approx 1900, had five daughters, Frieda, Marie, Clara, Emma and Dorothy. Rich 1-28-05
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