Walter Randolph 1859 Diary
Riley, Illinois        


Walter Randolph


This diaryThe personal diary of Walter Fitz Randolph was made available by his grand daughter, Mary Louise McCorkle Cobb, of Maryville, MO, and was transcribed in April 1997 by James M. Richmond, Naperville, IL, spouse of his great grand daughter Jeannette McCorkle Richmond.was recorded by Walter Randolph over a six-month period from November 1, 1859 to June 3, 1860, approximately one hundred and thirty seven years ago, as he boarded in the Marengo, IL area.  The diary measured 146 mm long by 95 mm wide, or 5 ¾ inches long by 3 ¾ inches wide.  [Small enough to fit in a man's coat or shirt pocket.] [Approximately actual size is shown on the previous page] As received it contained 104 pages.   Pages 2, 72-77, and 82-97 were unused and blank.  An introduction was recorded on pages 3-6.  Daily entries were made on subsequent pages up to and including page 71.  Other notations of Walter Randolph were made on pages 78-81 and on pages 98-104.  Four pages of the first pages of the diary were cut and removed, presumably by  Walter Randolph; however, traces of the pages that were not completely cut are still present along the binding, enough to count and to observe that writing at one time occurred on them.  Presumably Walter Randolph used the book for other notes before deciding to use it as a diary.  No cover was present on the diary as it was received.

The record was kept in pencil, a convenient, portable writing instrument of the era.  As a consequence, the diary was very difficult to read.  Thus, during the transcription process, a computer and a Hewlett Packard Scan Jet 4P scanner were employed, which digitized the image of each page.  With the aid of Visioneer Communication, Inc.'s Paper-Port software, version 3.0.1 and Corel Corporation's Photo-Paint Select software, version 5.00.F4, images were magnified 200%, the contrast increased to the maximum, and the brightness reduced 50%.  This enabled the transcription process to proceed with greater accuracy.

Editorial comments by the transcriber are enclosed in square brackets, [……], and set off with bold type and with a smaller type face.  For example:   [comment].   Footnotes were also used as appropriate to assist in explanation.  In those situations where the spelling of a word or name was not recognizable or could not be inferred from surrounding text, the space was underlined as a blank, e.g., “_________”


Page 2 was blank

Page [3]
I have resolved to write a Diary, and for these reasons:
First because I believe it will be beneficial for the same reason that any exercise in composition is.  Though there will be a very desultory kind yet it will be beneficial if for nothing more than as an exercise in constructing sentences.
Page [4]
Second because it may be valuable as a reference. 
Third, it will some time be profitable as a method of employing in idle hours.
Fourth it will often afford me amusement.
Fifth, some of the persons that I respect do so, and as I have considerable imitation, therefore I will write one too.
Last which ought also to be the strongest reason,
Page [5]
but doubt very much whether it is with me it will lead me often to review my motives and conduct.
All what I may write will be intended for my own eye exclusively.  I shall not be very particular about the subjects or the manner of treating them.  Yet here shall nothing be written that a son would not have his mother read.  Then may I never be guilty of a thought
Page [6]
or action that would not answer for these pages.
Walter Randolph
Riley, Illinois
Nov. 1, 1859
Page [7]
Tuesday eve, Nov. 1, 1859 
[JMR: Tuesday, November 1, 1859]
I labor under a severe depression of spirits this evening.  I am physically unwell.  Last night I went to Mrs. Williamson's to get boarding this winter but did not succeed.  I shall have to teach and board around and it looks really discouraging.  I fear for my health in view of the hard ship.  Besides it is ruinous to my plans for the future.
Father does not come home from Michigan. I don't
Page [8]
[know] why.  I have expected him for several days.
I often am troubled with such feelings, yet I am not a gloomy disposition, on the contrary I think I am rather cheerful.
I wish I were a true Christian, I could then go to the Savior and lay my troubles at his feet or rather leave them behind and have instead His infinite love and mercy to comfort and cheer me.
Page [9]
Friday evening Nov. 4 
[JMR: Friday, November 4, 1859]
Three days past since I wrote last Wednesday.  Took  Walter G. to Marengo to take the car. While at the depot Rachel introduced me to Mr. Waterburg---very affiable man–Rachel says that's all he knows.   Today read forty pages of Blackston  This is a splendid moon light night.  I wish I had gone to Marengo–could have spent two or three hours very profitably and pleasantly in good spirits.
Page [10]
Saturday eve. Nov. 5  
[JMR: Saturday, November 5, 1859]
Went to Marengo to day to attend the mortgage agent Carson–resides on at seventy dollars which, point to Adams.   Received two letters from Father. Called on Mr. Richardson.  Rachel came home with me.
Monday morning. 
[JMR: Monday, November 7, 1859]
I  loitered around the most of the day yesterday.  In the afternoon went and heard Mr. Holterman preach a sermon on faith.  Think he described my condition very well. 
Page [11]
It is I think as much a want of faith as or more than any thing else.  This keeps me from trying to be a Christian.  In the evening took Rachel home.  The moon shone very brightly.  I was to pleasant to resist the temptation to ride so we drove to Coral  We talked over the sermon and our religious feelings.  I talked of mine more freely than ever I did with any one before.
She gave me the first kiss.  I have stolen
Page [12]
kisses from her but this was the first one given.  All together I had a pleasant time and was a happy fellow.
Tuesday eve. 
[JMR: Tuesday, November 8, 1859]
Have been to election today.  Feel in high spirits this evening in prospect of attending the musical convention tomorrow.
Thursday Morn. [Nov 10. 1859] 
[JMR: Thursday, November 10, 1859]
Attended convention yesterday.  Mr. Root took charge.   Hardly liked the man.  Did not
Page [13]
think he looked as though he knew much.  I think he is a verification of the saying that good singers are generally silly.   He had a much better voice than Bradbury, but not as good a teacher. 
Had a glorious good time all day–enjoyed the singing much -went to Mr. Clarks and took dinner and supper.  Melisa appeared in good spirits.  She gave me_________ ambrotyp to carry
Page [14]
six months and then return or my own in its stead.  Stayed last night at Mr. Richardson's.
Saturday eve, Nov. 18 
[JMR: Saturday, November 19, 1859]
A gap in my diary !  On Thursday night the 10 I lost in my room at the hotel and did not find it till today.  I have been troubled about it much not that there was anything valuable in it but I din not wish to have curious eyes examining something I had intended if
Page [15]
only for my self.  On Thursday eve I attended a social party at Rev. Mr. Waterberg and spent a pleasant evening.  We concluded one musical convention with a concert on Friday evening after which Rachel and I came home by moon light.  On Saturday I settled with Mr. Curtis and  _______ to my winters labor.  On Monday commenced  my school with twenty five scholars.
Thursday last received a letter from Father stating
Page [16]
that he had lost his smile and that his loss in the operation was about one hundred and fifty dollars.  This with some other trouble gave me the blues horribly.  To day went to Marengo and transacted some business.  Received a letter from Dr. Underwood.   Boarded this week at Mr. Fellowston
Sunday eve Nov. 19.
[JMR: Sunday, November 20, 1859]
Have spent a rather long boring day though part of it passed very pleasantly in reading Taylors  _____  a ______.
Page [17]
He raises the imagination so high and awakens such an interest in what he sees that one can hardly read his travels without being tempted to pursue the same course.  I wrote a letter to Lizzie today.  Went to meeting at the school house and listened to an inferior sermon from Rev. Mr. Smith.
Thursday morn Nov. 24
[JMR: Thursday, November 24, 1859]
Thanksgiving!  I am going to teach.  It's too bad but  I'm going to town this evening to a social
Page [18]
and expect to find those there I shall be glad to see so if I can't hear a good sermon and eat roast turkey I like to be happy part of the day.  And then I can try and be thankful to the Good Giver all day.
I have been boarding two days at Mr. Barnetts.  Night before last I had a very pleasant conversation with Messr. Bernent and Crinklew about the high lands and low lands of Scotland, the peculiarities and differences of there
Page [19]
origin, customs and language.
I just began to like “boarding around”  A fellow gets all he wants to eat the tert chair and the lent bed in the home ------sometimes though last night I slept with one of the children and the little fellow lay like a jack knife and snored like one of those animals that got choked in the water.
Nov. 25 Friday eve.
[JMR: Friday, November 25, 1859]
Well I went to the social
Page [20]
last night and Lizzie W' went  with me.  Maggi went with Alexander'  We had a time.   The night rivaled Egyptian darkness and the roads were passable.   The social was a good thing. I enjoyed it  much but my fellow sufferers were strangers to the company.  Coming home was rather pleasant with slight admixture of the prefix  run enough to give it a test.   The last two miles of the way the rain came down in torrents. 
Page [21]
Alexander and Maggie lost their umbrella.  We by driving faster got home nearly half an hour before them which in a rain storm is enough to keep a coat dry.  They got rather wet--  A. and I accepted the hospitality of Mr. W's gratefully at 2 o'clock this morning.  My company was so good that the way though “dark and stormy” was short and pleasant.
At Mr. Fellow's,    Sunday eve Nov. 27. 
[JMR: Sunday, November 27, 1859]
Am somewhat on the down list to night–expected
Page [22]
Father would come home yesterday and was disappointed.  I can not imagine why he dont come.  It troubles me much.  Then Dilly causes me much anxiety.
Went to Marengo yesterday to meet Father but brought Rachel home and took her back this morning.  Had a conversation with her and Alex on religious subjects that I think had a good influence on me.   When I left her to day I had a lighter heart than has blessed me for a week before.
Page [23]
At Mr. Bainbriten Tuesday eve Nov 29. 
[JMR: Tuesday, November 29, 1859]
Father came home yesterday.  Was glad to see him. Am rather lonesome to night-got pretty tired to day- worked here in my school.
At Fellow's Sabbath eve  Dec. 4.
[JMR: Sunday, December 4, 1859]
Passed a pretty lazy Sabbath. Went to Mr. Cristises, then forenoon called at Barbers on my way back and had an introduction to Mrs. N. Potter.  Went this evening to hear J. Underwood preach–liked him much better than I expected–Sermon to long.
Page [24]
Have boarded all week at Mr. Bainerds with the exception of one evening at Mr. Williamson's when it rained.  Taught  yesterday.
At Norton's Tuesday eve Dec 6 
[JMR: Tuesday, December 6, 1859]
I have been told there would be a dry place to board because they never take any.  They are inclined to be mute but I found it rather pleasant, I can read without being requested to answer questions.  This has been the coldest day of the season. Mercury
Page [25]
at zero.  Had but few scholars and to keep warm we all had seats around the stove.
At Mr. Willson's    Dec 9.  Friday eve.
[JMR: Friday, December 9, 1859]
One more birth day.  To day I am twenty six years old.  Twenty six times have I seen summer change to winter and winter to summer.  One half of my life is past, yet it seems to me I have just commenced.  One half of my life is just in preparing for life and yet I am not ready to begin.  One half of  my life is past and I have
Page [26] 
accomplished  nothing, I have done nothing to make the world better or wiser.  Yet, I have accomplished something that ought to give any mortal happiness.  I have gained the confidence of my relatives and won the love of one who for years has been in my dreams and hopes of the future, the sharer of my ______ and the confident of my troubles.   Yet I lack confidence in my self and bright as the future ought
Page [27]
to seem to a young man circumstances as I am I dread it.  I some times think it must be that I  have a cowardly heart.
Sunday eve. Dec. 11
[JMR: Sunday, December 11, 1859]
Attended Presbyterian Church at Marengo.  Mr. Cill preached from the text “What think ye of Christ”–a very informative sermon.  It was communion day and never did the ceremony of the Lords Supper appear so necessary so solemn and yet so beautiful to me as to day.  I really
Page [28] 
felt during it as though this want of faith this unbelief of mine was excluding me from a happy society which was my duty, my privilege, and my desire to enjoy.  Oh, I want to be a Christian. Often I feel this desire and I think it grows.  The Christian church still presents new beauties.  God's love ever ever presents new attraction.  This  _____ increase all most gives me hope that I will some time truly love the Savior.
Page [29]
I attended the teacher association yesterday.  We had a pleasant and profitable time.  My  gem shone with a new luster.  In our Analysis class she showed a depth of thought and power of mind that I rarely meet with.  She told me once that she did not possess such “accomplishments” as she thought would please me.  Is this one of those fashionable accomplishments, drawing  armmings from ye as truly valuable or
Page [30]
meritorious so a knowledge of one's native languages.  Last night went to Coral to get a singing school.  Only eight or ten persons there.   Sang them a song and left them with the promise that they would try and get me a school.
Dec 13th. 
[JMR: Tuesday, December 13, 1859]
Was at a festival, the Episcopal church, Marengo.  Had a very good time.   Ate all the oysters I could eat.  Rachel was with me.
Page [31]
Friday eve Dec. 16 at Willson's.
[JMR: Friday, December 16, 1859]
Have been boarding here all week.   Feel at home though it is not the pleasant place I have ever been.  To night had a singing school for the children which went off very pleasantly.
At the Fellows,    Sabbath eve Dec. 18. At 25 minutes past 6 o'clock.
[JMR: Sunday, December 18, 1859]
Am having the pleasure of witnessing a Methodist minister select his text for this evenings service.  Says he feels unsure and doesnt know what to preach about –asks various members of the family
Page [32]
to select a text or preach from him appears to want to select his subject and frame a discourse to suit the occasion in fifteen minutes.    I count on an interesting sermon          
9 o'clock P.M.
The sermon just about came up to my expectations.  I only heard about half of it, that was all I could spend time to hear.
Went yesterday and took Dilly to Stadelash at Coral.  This morning attended the Presbyterian Church.
Page [33]
Wednesday eve. Dec. 21.
[JMR: Wednesday, December 21, 1859]
Had a grammar school this evening and tried the plan of teaching Analysis orally and was well satisfied with the result.  Think that if I could take charge of a class about twelve evenings I could make tolerable grammerians.
Friday evening Dec. 23.
[JMR: Friday, December 23, 1859]
Had a singing school to night.  Supposed it was the first of a series but was disappointed as to the position of fineness.
Page [34]
The prospect is pretty good however was well pleased with the talent I had to work with.  Six weeks of my school gone. How I long for spring.
Saturday eve. Dec. 24.
[JMR: Saturday, December 24, 1859]
Attended an oysters supper at the James school house.   All James' was there and some besides I enjoyed the evening well.
Sabbath eve. Dec. 25. 
[JMR: Sunday, December 25, 1859]
Went to Marengo to Church but in consequence of the baptismal service there
Page [35]
was no sermon.  Meggie W went with me.  We were disappointed.  Our conversation both going and coming turned very frequently on religious subjects.
How much better it is for a young man to seek the company of intelligent and religious young ladies than to spend idle hours in the company of misses “who” as somebody has said “never had but two ideas in their life and never a new way of expressing them.”
Page [36]
At Mr. Williamson's, Riley, IL  Jan 3, 1860.  
[JMR: Tuesday, January 3, 1860]
My poor little diary has been quite neglected for a few days.  I have been very busy.  Last Wednesday Lizzie W., Rachel, Alexander and I took a notion to go to St. Charles  That evening I had my first school in a series of singing schools.  Next morning  we started on our visit.  Had a very pleasant time going –enjoyed ourselves well at  Uncles on Friday.   Returned on Saturday with
Page [37]
the thermometer at -21 and the wind in our faces.  Whew! It was cold.  Part of the way I almost forgot that it was cold.  Almost any atmosphere and place will appear pleasant when a pretty girl is listening to your “tale of love”.  Sabbath went with Maggie to Church at Marengo.
At Mr. Williamson's Monday eve Jan 9. 
[JMR: Monday, January 9, 1860]
Went to Marengo last Saturday to the Teachers Institution, but there was none.  Formed an acquaintance with Mr. Chane the new teacher at
Page [38]
Marengo.  Last night went to hear Mr. Church preach---think the sermon would have a good effect on me if they had not had a speaking meeting afterward–am going so might hear him again.
At Mr. Fellow's, Friday eve. Jan 13.
[JMR: Friday, January 13, 1860]
Finished another week of school and one half of the term or nine weeks.  Cleaned out the school house this afternoon.  Have been considerably afflicted with the rhenmationfor two or three weeks back
Page [39]
and it is gradually going worse---to night it is back and I feel much discouraged about it.
To morrow I am going to town and expect to see Father and Rachel.  How much pleasure it gives me to meet those I love and with how much pleasure I look forward to a meeting with these two.
At E. Fellows, Monday Eve Jan23.
[JMR: Monday, January 23, 1860]
My poor little diary has been sadly neglected.  I havent felt in a writing mood.
Page [40]
Last Saturday went to Marengo to attend the teachers Association.  We had a very pleasant time.  I became better acquainted with Mr. Chase and concluded that he will not remain in his situation long.   Rachel's opinion is the same.  I went to Mr. Patrick and applied for the situation in case it became vacant.  To my surprise he told me that my name had been before
Page [41]
  the directors and that Mr. Rush and Dr. Miller had given me a recommendation, but I had been rejected because [I was] too young.  I dont think this was the true reason.  Father told me he had concluded to go into cranberry business with Saffords.  Sabbath I went to the Presbyterian Church. After the service Dr. Miller requested me in the future to take a seat in the choir when I was there.
Page [42]
Sunday Jan 30 at Fellow's 
[JMR: Sunday, January 29, 1860]
Went to Marengo to Church and heard a  excellent sermon by Mr. Emile –an explanation of the parable of the barren fig tree in the vineyard.
Took dinner with Father.  Went and spent the afternoon  with Rachel.  She told me some of her troubles, particularly her affai with M'  I have various feelings about it but do not think I love her any the less.  There are some things about it that make me admire her character
Page [43]
more than ever, and some things I did not expect from her.  I had supposed the woman understand her own feelings better.
At Mr. Williamson's., February 1
[JMR: Wednesday, February 1, 1860]
Had visitors at school this afternoon.   S. Bolliu and sister.  We came here and took supper and spent the evening.
At. M. Brohen's  Feb. 2  
[JMR: Thursday, February 2, 1860]
Traveled  two miles to get here this evening---spending a very dull time.  If a person could only be where they
Page [44]
ought to spend their time more pleasantly than I do this evening.
At E. Fellows  Sabbath Eve. Feb 12. 
[JMR: Sunday, February 12, 1860]
Went yesterday to the McDonald'''' and spent the afternoon and evening very pleasantly with them and Father.  To day went to Marengo to church and heard a sermon on the first five verses of the “Sermon on the Mount”.  Took Alexander with me and after church we went to Rachel's room.  Coming home he and I talked for the first time about
Page [45]
the relationship between Rachel and me.  He said he had always been solicitous who took her but well satisfied to trust her to me.  Am in considerable trouble [about] my future prospects.  Father wants to go to Mich. to raise cranberries, while I want him to go west.  If he goes to Mich. the prospects is that I will be thrown on my own resources with comparatively nothing but wits and my hands to gain a livelihood with, ,while if we go west with our experiences and the property we have I see independence and even
Page [46]
wealth.  All most certain instead for me only a few years in the future.  If he goes to Mich. I think that I will pursue the law though I have many doubts as to my success in that profession.
Monday evening Feb. 18
[JMR: Monday, February 13, 1860]
In trouble, I never spent a day in school that I felt as little like attending to my duty as today.  It was impossible to keep from looking on the dark side of the future and my mind from being continually on the rack
Page [47]
to insure a future competency.  This evening saw Father but got nothing encouraging there.  I have a  ____  so nigh that brightens the prospect a little.
Father has offered to give me some property a number of times.  I will ask him to deed  me one of those “Eighties”.  If he will it amounts to a “start” sometime. 
Saturday  19  at Curtises 
[JMR: Saturday, February 18, 1860]
Came down last night to singing school.  Found Rachel there. After singing went to a Spiritalist Circle at
Page [48]
Nichols–the first I ever attended.   Amanda Barber when I went in professed to be influenced by the spirit of her aunt  Knowlton and came and shook hands with me It made me feel sad to see a young lady who had been one of my favorite pupils making such an exhibition of herself. 
Came home with Mr. Curtis and stayed over night.  They appear glad to see me.  Mrs. C. gave me a nice pair of woolen socks to day.
Page [49]
At Mr. Williamson's  Sabbath 19
[JMR:  Sunday, February 19, 1860]
Went last evening to Goodsils.  Hattie G. came home and she went back and spent the eve there.  This morning went up to Marengo to church and came back at 8 o'clock with the “blues” and went to the school house, built a fire and mumped it out all alone.  Came here to stay over night.
Thursday February 23 
[JMR: Thursday, February 23, 1860]
Yesterday morning got news that the Marengo School was about changing teachers
Page [50] 
and thought it best to look after my chance so I dismissed my school and went to town.  Feel pretty well satisfied with my trip.  My prospects begin to brighten.  I begin to flatter myself.  I will get the school.  Am at Brokew's to-night.
At Mr. Williamson's   Friday eve.
[JMR: Friday, February 24, 1860]
Had visitors today.  Hattie G. and Maggie were at school this afternoon.  Came home with them and spent the evening very pleasantly.
Page [51]
Sabbath eve 25 Feb.  Williamson's
[JMR: Sunday, February 26, 1860]
Went to church to day with Lizzie W. and saw the Dedicatary Service of the Church of the Advent Episcopal.
Sabbath morn  Marengo    March 4   
[JMR: Sunday, March 4, 1860]
Came her yester-day to see about the school and found that Dr. Miller had taken it.  In consequence of this and some other disappointments I felt very low spirited, but am in better spirits this morning.
Evening at Norton's
Spent the after-noon with
Page [52] 
R.   Told her some of my troubles and got  womanly and shed tears over it.  Saw Father this evening.  He made an offer of a team and some other material to work with.  Am now in as much trouble as before to know what to do.
Thursday March 15.
[JMR: Thursday, March 15]
Finished my school to day and made out my schedule and have the directors names signed to it.  Had several visitors to day.  Feel but very little regret at leaving the school.
Page [53]
At McDonald's  Friday 16 
[JMR: Friday March 16, 1860]
Have been to visit the Java school today.  Was glad to go back and see my old scholars again.
Saturday  March 17   
[JMR: Saturday, March 17, 1860]
Came to Marengo to day. Spent the after noon with Rachel.  She was quite worried.  Their sponsoring person told us that they could not pay for the farm and that they would have to give  it up.  This is quite a disappointment to me.  I dont want to farm in
Page [54]
  northern Illinois.  When I go to farming again my inclinations are to go south and west.
At Uncle Henry R.  Monday.     
[JMR: Monday, March 19, 1860]
Came here yesterday from Marengo. Found Uncle very bad.  His eye is entirely closed.  Am going to spend part of the week attending so as to see how I like that part of the profession of the law and to better satisfy myself as to my abilities in that profession.
Page [55]
At McDonald's Wednesday 21 March
[JMR: Wednesday, March 21, 1860]
Came from Uncle's to day.  Saw Carson & Mackey.  They are still deciding to let the farm come back.
At Mr. Richardson's  Thursday 22 March 
[JMR: Thursday, March 22, 1860]
Came here this afternoon and am going to stop a few days and doctor my rheniutism Father and I went to Carson & Mackey this morning and made them some propositions what we would do about the land and gave them a few days to consider them.
Page [56]
Called on Rachel this evening.  Her health is better than when I last saw her.
Sabbath Eve.  Marengo 
[JMR: Sunday, March 25, 1860]
Went yesterday down on the Prairie with Father and stayed overnight at McDonald's.  this after noon whent to meeting at the school house.  Heard Mr. Church preach.  Came up with Charlie and spent the evening with Rachel.  Took dinner with Hattie Curtis.
Page [57]
Tuesday evening 
[JMR: Tuesday, March 27, 1860]
Went this after noon with Hattie Curtis to visit the public school.  There is quite a difference between the appearance of the school now and when it was under the charge of Mr. Chase.
Bought Longfellow's “Hiawatha” and took it up and read to Rache.  She said she liked it much.  I enjoyed it so much that I could hardly come away.  God grant that we may enjoy many as pleasant hours.
Page [58]
Friday Eve  March 30
[JMR: Friday, March 30, 1860]
Have been up to visit Dr. Miller's school again.  It is his last-day for their term.  We brought in his melodeo and sang for the scholars.  They were highly pleased with it.
I have learned a good lesson of cheerfulness in these two visits.
Saturday Eve 31 
[JMR: Saturday, March 31, 1860]
Have been reading Blackstone's and loitering around town this week.  Am some better of my
Page [59]
rhenmation.  Desire going down on the prairie next week.  Spent the evening with Rachel again reading “Hiawatha”.
At McDonald's Apr 1
[JMR: Sunday, April 1, 1860]
Came here today from town am going to board here awhile.  Saw Eunice G today.  She was in very low spirits.  She was on her way to begin her first school.
Thursday Eve   
[JMR: Thursday, April 5, 1860]
Am going to St. Charles to morrow had designed
Page [60]
to go to-day but the wind blew so I considered not to go.  It seem to me I never saw so much high wind as we have this spring.
At. St. Charles  Friday eve
[JMR: Friday, April 6, 1860]
Rachel came with me as far as Burlingtonto visit her uncles. When we go there they were away from home and would not be back till Sunday so I all most compelled her to come all the way with me. 
Page [61]
Uncles are well and in good spirits and living first as pleasantly as ever.  If I had as pleasant a home and lived in comfortable circumstances I believe I could be very happy.
Monday eve  Apr 9
[JMR: Monday, April 9, 1860]
I intended to go home to-day but it rained all day.  Spent the day very pleasantly though.  Rachel has been so unwell since we left home and is getting worse that I begin
Page [62]
to be alarmed.  Poor girl she is hardly able to sit up.
Wednesday eve   at Norton's 
[JMR: Wednesday, April 11, 1860]
Came home to day if you call it home to stop whenever I can get a chance to stay one night.  We came as far as Burlington yesterday but Rachel was so unwell and exhausted that we could come no further.  This morning came the rest of the way.
Saw some dead bodies taken up yesterday.  Some of them had been buried
Page [63]
fourteen years and some seven.  I could look on their blackened bones with but little of that feeling of horror which many that were present expressed.
At Norton's  Saturday morn 14
[JMR: Saturday, April 14, 1860]
Stayed at Mr. Goodsil's last night.  Coming home this morning.  I met Charley R.  He seemed some what frightened to be caught out there.
Sabbath eve. At Norton's
[JMR: Sunday, April 15, 1860]
Was at Marengo to church to-day.  Met Gariet Underwood
Page [64]
They very unexpectly took dinner with him and went to the Baptist Church in the P.M.  it was really pleasing to see the bright glances sent to him from pretty maidens.  Went to see Rachel after church.
Monday evening
[JMR: Monday, April 16, 1860]
Spent the evening at Mr. Williamson's very pleasantly occupied the most of the time in talking to Mr. Williamson.
Tuesday Evening   
[JMR: Tuesday, April 17, 1860]
Went to Marengo this P.M.
Page [65]
to see what chance there was of getting Charley R's school. Had no luck.   Saw Rachel.  Her health is much improved.
Saturday eve Apr 21.       
[JMR: Saturday, April 21, 1860]
Was at Mr. Williamson's for supper.  Went there to see Charley come.  He is going to Cincinnati Monday and expected of course he would be there to say good bye to Maggie.  I was to late.  He was there already.  He must have gone some back way for
Page [66]
I sat by my window all afternoon where I could see every person that passed.
I had the pleasure of compelling him to go to a singing party against his inclinations.
Sabbath Eve 22
[JMR:  Sunday, April 22, 1860]
Was going to stay at home to day but got so tired of doing nothing that I was glad to accept a chance to ride to Java to meeting the P.M.  Saw Isaiahl Babcock & bride. Didn't make we wish I was
Page [67]
married a bit.  Very few of the Spiritualists came to meeting.
Tuesday Evening  Apr 24
[JMR: Tuesday, April 24, 1860]
Went to Woodstoc yesterday and returned to-day.  Stayed last night at Uncle Henry's and took dinner today at Aunt Rebak's.  Had the pleasure of a ride with Miss Claire Wiffin this evening.
[JMR: Saturday, April 28, 1860]
Went all around to do business today.  Called at Hatties school.  She is much pleased with her
Page [68]
situation.  I think myself that it is the pleasantist school I ever saw.
At Coral   Sabbath
[JMR: Sunday, April 29, 1860]
Came here to day on my way to Uncl Henry's.  Went to see Rachel.  Have been terribly afflicted with the blues to-day.  –feel sorry that I went to see her when I was so gloomy.
At Norton's  Sabbath  6 May
[JMR: Sunday, May 6, 1860]
Came from ________ today.  Went to Episcopal Church.  Called on R.
Page [69]
Thursday Eve May 16  
[JMR: Thursday, May 10, 1860]
Yesterday & to-day read 140 pages Blackstone –am all most through with him.  Anxious to finish and begin Kent.
Monday 14 Coral 
[JMR: Monday, May 14, 1860]
Father and I have procurred some land to raise corn on and came here to-day to begin work.  I expect to live with aunt Rebecca the most of the summer.
Page [70]
Tuesday 15
[JMR: Tuesday, May 15, 1860]
Finished reading Blackstone today –at last as a text book.  I will commence Kent and use Blackstone as reference.
Sunday Eve June 3
[JMR: Sunday, June 3, 1860]
I am this evening at Mr. Norton's and it is raining.  I have not been to church today but have spent the day writing to Mr. Underwood, reading law and newspapers and coming from Coral here.  Have not seen my R. today and feel rather lonely.
Page [71]
I am getting rather careless about my diary but the little book is so near filled up that it hardly seems worthwhile to add any more to it.
[JMR: pages 72-77 were blank]  
Page [78]
April 22, 1859  Commenced boarding up to May 15 made two weeks board
June 2    By board over Sabbath
                     one day
July 6         do it two days
       10         one day
       17         one day
       24         one day
       30         one day
Aug 7           two days
        21  one week sick
        28        one week
Page [79]
Curtis Dr.
one bottle ointment       .25
cash                            1.00
Nichols                        3.50
cash                            2.00
12 lbs sugar                1.00
1 lb soda                       .12
Page [80]
Curtis G.
Sept 4                           one week
Settled up and
Due Curtis on
                                    Settlement                           8.88
11                  By four days
18                        one week
25                           one week
Oct 2                                    one week
       9                                    one week
      16                           one week  
       29                           one week
Nov  6                       one week
         19                           one week
             19                           4 days
Page [81]
Sept                             Curtis    Dr.
             20         To Cash                           3.00
To goods at
                           Saffords                          1.41
          9         Shoes                                    1.50
        19         Cash                                      .31
                           Sugar                                    1.00
                           Tea                                      .75
        25         Cash                                      10.00        
                           Tin Basin                                    0.10
Nov 12         Cash                                             4.00
[Pages 82-97 were blank]   
Will ________ record
In ____________
Soap, Peas, Sugar
Page [99]
Deed J. Kleckner
A. F. Randolph
Recorded in Volume
24 of Deeds Pg 208
[JMR:  the remainder of this page were number calculations]
Page [100]
Balliet                                  Paid   0.10
Goodsill                                                   0.10
Joseph McDonal                                    0.10
Cooper  Paid                                           0.30                                                [0.20 struck]    
S. Balliet  Paid                                            0.90         [0.97 ½ struck]
G. Barber
H. Hine  Paid                                             0.25
G.W. Barber  Paid                                    0.50
A. Goodsill,   G. Barber
I.         H. Good
                         5)                  157
Page [101]        
Joseph Potter paid
on Father's acct                         25.00
Pas. Underwood                           .75
Tax  N.E.
Tax on S ½ NE ¼                      3.20
State T     ________                 1.87
Walter R.
Page [102]
2 weeks at Bainerd's
3 at Wilson's
98                  24                  51                  14
59                  14                  8
39                  10                  59                  14
Page [103]
To Father                                                      6.00
     Curtis                                                               2.00
     Father                                    50.00
     Alex                                        69.00
     myself                                       2.00
Resting on my heart as gently
as summer on the dews of

Back Cover of Walter Randolph 1859 Diary





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