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Hi, I'm Thomas Ellsworth of Geogia. I am looking for a birth date for my great great grandfather, Oren Davis Ellsworth. From my family genealogy book he was born in Allegany County, New York around 1840. This is a time when the state of New York did not keep these records in upstate New York. I have recently found an 1840 Census of possibly his father Lewis in Belfast, Allegany County, New York. But not sure if it is actually Lewis. He is listed on the census as L Elsworth. The only name shown on the census is the head of the house and then list the rest of the family as quantities under age columns. Some of the quantities do match up but there are several extra persons living in this house that was not in the family according to my records. There are alot of similarities so it is the possibility that it is Oren's dads family. Orens father and mother were Lewis and Nancy and both were born in New York. Lewis moved the family to McHenry County, Illinois sometime between Oren's birth and 1844 when Oren's younger brother Charles L. Ellsworth was born in 1844. Oren and Charles both enlisted in the Illinois Volunteer and mustered in to the 17th Cavalry in St. Charles, Ill. in around 1863. I have sent for Oren's military and pension records from the National Archives. Through these records I did acquire his death records. Oren died in Oklahoma before it had become a state and of course no records. Through his pension records several documents in that file clearly prove that he died Dec. 07, 1893. There is several affidavits where his wife clearly states his date of death as she is trying to continue his pension payment after his death. Oren is buried in Guild cemetery in Lincoln County, Oklahoma. This is a few miles west of Prague, Okla. Up until september of 2008 there was no marker for the burial site so I had my aunt to show me the place. Oren's son Alfred was there at the time of the burial. Alfred at some point showed my grandfather Delbert the grave, and at some point Delbert showed his Daugther Nedra the gravesite.  My Aunt Nedra has now shown me the location. We haven't been able to figure out why there was never a marker there. It is my hopes that we can procure a birthdate for Oren and then I plan to request of the Veterans Affairs for a Cival war era marker. I feel very compeled to get this done in my life time so that if future generations are as interested in genealogy as I am, that Orens resting place will not be forgotten. It is my hope that somewhere in his enlistment records are possible records from Mchenry county would shed light on his birth record. Oren married Elisebeth Ann Frame on Jan. 18, 1866 in Woodstock, McHenry County, Illinois. So this might be another possible location for a record. Some of the volunteer enlistment records show that Oren was from Dorr which is just a few miles south east of Woodstock, Ill. I have been a member of Ancestry.com and the record of his birth is just not there. From the census records I've procured, Oren was born between March and Sept of 1840. But with the latest 1840 census find, Oren could have been born between june 1st and sept. of 1840. this is all speculation and pinning hopes on these census that they are actually the right family. If this 1840 census is correct at least it possibly gives me a birth town of Belfast, Allegany County, New York. And another place to search. Please advise me of the best way to search these record in McHenry county. Thanks
Thomas Kevin Ellsworth
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