McCannon Family Photographs
Submitted by: Susan McCannon
Note: In this section, all photographs, graphics, and historical background submitted to the McHenry site are dedicated to the memory of Roland B. McCannon.
Historical Background
While I don't have pictures, Lewis McCannon was the son of James and Prudence Davis McCannon. James was born in PA in 1809 and died in Greenwood in 1883.  His wife was the daughter of Lemuel and Margaret (Elliot) Davis and she was born in Muddy Creek Township, Butler County, PA in 1813.  She died in Greenwood in 1899.  Their children included John McCannon born 1830 who later went on to become fairly famous in Leadville, Colorado; Mary Jane (who married James T. Harwell.  Mary Jane and James Hartwell were the parents of four children Jeanette, Walter, Edwin and Louisa and both are buried in Greenwood Cemetery); Owen T (never married); Lewis William (see above);  James (died young); Priscilla; Missoura⁄Zura (married superintendent of schools for McHenry County named Sebre Baldwin.  Sebre died very young and left her widowed with five small children Jesse, Sebre, Louise, Florence and Bertha) and Clara (married John Leveret Van Hoozen and lived in Alden Township and the parents of nine children Ethel; Ruby; Lyle;
Winnie; Ava; John; Leverette; Lynn and Evan.  Clara and John are buried in
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