Chauncey Jepson was born in Stamford, Vermont in 1877 and died in Ringwood
in 1942.  He married Rose Lorena Huson who had been born in Rooks county,
Kansas to Clark Gale and Eliza Allen Huson in 1883.  Rose married a second
time in 1950 to Bennett Marble Walkington.  Rose and Chauncey are buried in
the Ringwood Cemetery.  After living in Massachusetts and Wisconsin, they
moved their young family to  McHenry in 1918 and bought their own farm in
Ringwood in 1920. They were the parents of five children Harold, Lorena,
Mildred, Olive, and Virginia.  Both Rose and Chauncey are buried in
Ringwood.  I believe this to be their wedding picture in 1907
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