Latest Updates


  1. Added Military topic and added Ilinois Soldiers and Sailors Home Residents list to the Military topic as submitted by Norma Hass.
  2. Removed no longer applicable and out of date Latest Updates entries for 2007 and 2008.
  3. Removed bullet points and revised page formatting in Latest Updates topic.

  • Updated 1998 query in the Queries 1998 - 2003 for Butts, Dickson, Emery, Lashbrook, Miller, Nowak, Quigley, Shufelt, White with new research information as supplied by Paul F Heaton.
  • Added Gravestones topic under Cemetery Photographs and added Jacob S. & Caroline Dickson gravestone photo as submiotted by Paul F. Heaton. 
  • Reformatted all dates on all pages as text is too small.

  • Changed Searches topic to Available Searches
  • Combined the four separate searches in the Available Searches topic to display on single page
  • Removed broken link People Search - Genealogy Resources in the Available Searches topic
  • Updated text format throughout web site

  • Removed broken links in the Links topic and added Harvard Diggins digital newspaper link. R
  • Revised Site Navigation text on main page of web site to show navigation example graphics.

    Removed Jean Brusca from Look Ups and Researchers section as her email address is not working.

    Added Queries 2015 to Query Archives and changed Query Archives topic name to Queries and Query Archives 
    Added Page surname query to Queries 2015 topic as submitted by Jennifer Mace.
    Removed Query Surnames A - N and Query Surnames N - Z under the Queries and Query Archives topic as these topics provided no useful information.
    Removed new mode topic that was at the bottom of the Navigation Tree.
    Removed web site link in the Look Ups and Researchers topic and removed researcher name Craig Pfannkuche researcher name and associated email address.  
    Updated Copyright Information topic date to 2015.

    Fixed broken links in the Schools topic
    Reformatted all text in the Schools topic to increase font size
    Removed all email addresses in the Query Archives topic as a vast percentage of the email addresses shown were obsolete.
    Fixed broken links in the major towns shown on the main page of the McHenry site.
    Fixed broken links in the Links page.
    Fixed broken links in the Libraries topic

    Updated page format for entire web site.
    Removed header graphic.
    Moved separate topic McHenry Background from Navigation Tree to main page.

    Added Arad Jones obituary to Obituaries topic as submitted by Leslie Chapman.

    Updated email address for surname Hrdlicka and Davies in the Queries 1998-2003 sub topic as submitted by Bonita Hillmer.

    Removed AtomZ site search in the Searches topic as it is not working. Added Google site search.

    Updated information in Vital Records topic

    Changed topic title Query Submissions & Archives in Navigation Tree to Query Archives.
    Added page header graphic to all pages.
    Added Submissions to this Web Site & Queries with links to main page.
    Added Searches link to main page.

    Added Queries 2010 sub topic to the Query Submissions & Archives topic.
    Added Oren Davis Ellsworth query to Queries 2010 sub topic as submitted by Thomas Ellsworth.

    Added Sidney Sylvester Carney and Mildred Marble wedding photograph to Historical Photographs & Graphics ⁄ McCannon Family Photographs topic as submitted by Karen Swegle Holt.

    Removed Research and Reference as a separate topic and combined all sub topics into the navigation tree.

    Added additional information for John Smith (Schmitt) obituary as submitted by Charlotte Flock.

    Removed integrated site search and added AtomZ search. Rearranged Navigation Tree

    Changed site email address.

    Added Queries 2009 Section under Research and Reference - Query Submissions and Archives. Added Olcott surname query to Queries 2009 section as submitted by Mary Cole.
    Added Olcott surname to Query Surnames N - Z section under Research and Reference section.   .
    Corrected email address for Jean Brusca
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