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Naughton I am trying to help my mother in law find her father's history in mchenry co.  Last name Naughton.  He worked for the railroad, had sisters found in census but no other info. they moved to st. charles where family stayed.  My mother in law is 79 and remembers when she was a girl her aunt taking her to the one room school house in mchenry area. She doesn't know were buried. Any  help appreciated on any Naughton leads.  Shirley, St. Charles IL Shirley 11-27-07
Bardhart, Woodard I am trying to trace my family history. George Barnhart is an ancestor  and I am trying to find out the names of his
ts.  I was told that they George Barnhart and Henrietta Woodard were married on 4 January, 1846 in McHenry Illinois by another researcher. I thought that perhaps this record might include the names of their parents.
kabarnhart 11-24-07
Blood, Crawford Looking for info and decendants of Charles CRAWFORD, b. abt. 1804 in Northumberland Co., Pa., and his wife Fanny, b. abt. 1804 in PA. Charles moved quite frequently and is found on the 1830 census in Columbia Co., PA., on the 1840 census in Northumberland Co., PA., and in 1850 in Lycoming Co., PA. By the 1860 census they moved to McHenry Co., Illinois (P.O. Woodstock). By 1870 Charles had died and is widow Fanny is still living in McHenry Co., Illinois, with her daughter Maggie BLOOD and child Ceretha(?) BLOOD, age 4. Son Newton CRAWFORD is living in Seneca, McHenry Co., Illinois with wife Harriet, b. 1847 in Illinois and daughter Edith, b. abt. 1867 in Michigan.

The children of Charles and Fanny CRAWFORD with approx. bi
rth dates are: Andrew, 1829
Newton, 1830
Caroline, 1833
cob, 1835
Matilda, 1838
Ellen, 1839
Margaret (Maggie) 1841

Susanna, 1843
Charles, 1845
Will share info.
Carole 04-29-07
Douglass, Newman Looking for information on A. S. Newman of Greenwood and Stephen Newman of Dorr township. I believe these two to be related in some way with a Huldah Newman Douglass, wife of John B. Douglass of Greenwood Township.

Is A. S. Newman the same as
Alphonso Newman listed on the the 1860 census with John  Huldah? Huldah lives with her brother, Stephen per the 1880 census. Also, looking for living relative of Alphonso  Stephen. Thank you for your help in advance.
Rosemary 04-29-07
Goff, Gough Gough-Goff owned a farm near "Town of Center" in McHenry County 1850 census. I see that there is now no such town in McHenry County. Any clue as to what the town is named now? I live on the West Coast, don't have any way to go there. Jason 04-29-07
Class, Kern-Kerns, Nugent, Parks, Wilcox I am researching the Peter Glick PARKS family. There were 12 children in the family. I have information to share on most of the descendants but am interested in contacting anyone researching Peter's family. Sandra 04-29-07
Eastman, Slavin Searching for information on Slavin  Eastman funeral home in Woodstock, McHenry Co. IL. They seem to have had two locations, Main St. and Benton St. I am sure that they were in business in 1918.

Ernest Vernon Eastman was a member of the firm
until about 1930 when he moved to Wyoming. In 1920 Ernest was the owner of a furniture store in Woodstock.
William 04-29-07
Broughton Seeking any information on the Anson Broughton (1804-1861) family of McHenry County. Towns that they lived in Are Alden, Marengo, Harvard, Woodstock, and Chemung. Walt 04-29-07
Schiessle, Weber I'm looking for history on the Robert Schiessle family. I know he, his wife and one daughter are buried in Woodland Cemetery in McHenry. Another daughter is my grandmother, Nettie(Peter) Weber Carl 04-29-07
Davidson Sarah C. Davidson died 01-07-1919 in McHenry County. I think she maybe a cousin of mine, an obiturary might solve this mystery. If it can be establised that she was born in Warren County, Illinois. Gary 04-29-07
Bailey, Beebe, Heath I need help locating the parents of Alice M. Bailey. According to census records her mother and father were both born in New York state. Alice was born in Il., May 1861, she married Edwin Clarence Beebe in McHenry county Il., 25 Nov 1877. Her second marriage was to Henry Heath. Alice can be found in McHenry county census records from 1870 through 1930. Alice (Bailey) (Beebe) Heath died 5 Jul 1946 in Belevidere, Boone, Il. All help appreciated. Jackie 04-29-07
Aff, Read, Seaholm I am seeking informtion on Aff, Read and Seaholm families living in McHenry County. Carl Read, Lillie Aff, Paulina Aff and Hilma Seaholm, specificially. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Evelyn 04-29-07
Rich Looking for family of George F. Rich. I acquired a bunch of very old family photos from an antique store in Tennessee and would like to get them back to the family. Appears they had a home in Harvard, Illinois on Sept 17, 1916. It appears the photos I have probably belonged to the family of one of his sons. Thanks Robert 02-23-07
Tibbets Looking for information on John and Harriet Tibbets family of McHenry County, listed on 1850-1870 census in Richmond township. Gidget 02-23-07
Schuett Looking for any information regarding John C. Schuett or the J.C.Schuett Dairy Farm - He's listed in the 1917 Farming Directory. Would like to know the location of the farm or any family history. Rick 02-23-07
Brandow, Ferris I am interested in the names found in the Brandow Cemetery. Also any Ferris stone readings from Alden, McHenry County, Illinois. I have names and dates but not what cemetery interred in for most of the Ferris family. Annette 02-23-07
Slimpin Looking for any information on John Slimpin, age 45, in the 1900 Census of McHenry Co., IL. wife Alta. Thank you Harold 02-23-07
Cram, Forester, Miller I am looking for the decendents of Jacob John Miller and his wife Barbara Eva (Forester) Miller.They were from Germany and settled in the Huntley and Hampshire areas. Also looking for the decendents of James and Jane (Cram). They were from Scotland, but lived in the Huntley area.

My great grandparents w
ere Scotish, Robert Miller, and German, Anna Barbara Miller. They farmed the family farm on what became Miller Road (named after them) in Huntley. Most of the Miller's, either family, are buried somewhere in Huntley.

Would appreciate any info
on them. Thank you.
Eric 02-23-07
Chapman, Patrick I am looking for the death dates for Alma and Elizabeth Chapman, as well as Anna Patrick. I know they all died between 1880 and 1900. They lived in Marengo, McHenry, Illinois. Alma was born in 1796, Elizabeth in 1829, and Anna in 1833. Any help would be appreciated! Christine 02-23-07

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