Sadie Hatch Marble (1836-1923) wife of Constantius Marble of  Woodstock and mother to seven children.  I have no pictures of all the children but they are Ella Cora b abt 1859 (who married John B Walkington and the mother of Bennett (b. 1882) and Elzo (b. 1878) Walkington.  She
later married WC Hart also of McHenry); Melvina 1861-1947 (who married Sidney Gratton and the mother of  Blanche b. abt 1879, Jennie b. 1885, Clyde b 1881, Gustin b. 1882 and Lloyd b. 1887.  She later married Lewis Grant Wilcox of Greenwood and was the mother to Vera Wilcox b 1896.  Both Lewis and Melvina are buried in Greenwood Cemetery); Bradley (see above); Gustin
(born 1867 and the father of Ralph and Cora Marble. Gustin is also buried in Greenwood Cemetery); and John Constantius who settled in Niagra Falls, NY. 
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