The two diaries of Dr. Walter Fitz Randolph, M.D are shown in the topics under Diaries; 1859 Diary and 1850 Diary.  
They were passed down through the generations, first to his daughter, Elizabeth Fitz Randolph, who married Sanford McCorkle.  Elizabeth passed them on to her daughter, Mary Louise McCorkle, who married George B. Cobb.  Mary Cobb passed them on in 1997 to her niece, Jeannette McCorkle, daughter of. Miles R. McCorkle.  Jeannette’s spouse, James M. Richmond, transcribed them into typewritten form and made them available for sharing with others. 
Many families, who lived in and about McHenry County, IL  are mentioned in these diaries.  Some names include: Williamson, Waterburg, Carson, Richardson, Holterman, Clark, Underwood, Fellowston, Emile, Bolliu, Brohen, McDonald, Knowlton, Brokew, Carson, Mackey, Babcock, Wiffin, Smith, Barnett, Crinklew, Goodsill, Bainbriten, Barbers, Bainerd, Norton, Wilson, Cill, Stadelash, Chane, Church, Fellows, Patrick, Rush, Miller, Stafford, and others.
Dr. Walter Fitz Randolph was born in Crawford County, PA. on December 8, 1833.  When he was about twelve years of age, 1845,  his parents moved to first to Wisconsin and then to Riley, McHenry County, IL, where he worked on a farm and attended the Mount Morris schools, probably the Rock River Academy of Mount Morris, Ogle County, Illinois.
Prior to his study of medicine, he was a traveling teacher in McHenry County, where he would board with a family for a few days and then move on to the next family.  He began the study of medicine in 1865; entered the Rush Medical College in 1868, and graduated with honors from that institution in the spring of 1870.  The following year he moved his family to Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa, were he lived his remaining years.
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