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Whitehouse Family Bible Records

Family Bible of Thomas and Martha Charles Whitehouse

Transcribed by Sandi Watts Tompkins

Notes by Susie Martin-Rott


  • William Whitehouse Born December 29th 1856
  • Baby girl born May 10th 1858 8 months dead
  • Sarrah A Whitehouse Born May 2nd 1859
  • Thomas C. Whitehouse Born June 4th 1861
  • Emma A Whitehouse Born August 24 1863
  • Joseph C Whitehouse Born Nov 4th 1865
  • George E Whitehouse Born Sept 5th 1867 (note other records for this child show name as George Charles)
  • Samuel A Whitehouse Born Oct 5th 1870


Being all the Children Born to the said

  • Thomas Whitehouse Born Oct 27 1826
  • Martha Whitehouse Born August 5th 183_
  • John Whitehouse Born Jan 17th 1853 (note: this child is later listed in Martha's obituary as her stepson, which would be logical as she did not marry Thomas Whitehouse until 1856. Her obituary also states she was the mother of nine, four dying in infancy)


  • Sarrah A Whitehouse Married Dec 25 1878
  • Emma Whitehouse Married June 17 1883
  • Thomas C Whitehouse Married July 28th 1886
  • George E Whitehouse Married March 5 1890
  • Alma Whitehouse Married Nov 1st 1894

Note: the four children who died in infancy were William, Infant Daughter, Joseph C and a second Wm named Wm James born 03 Feb 1873 in Kewanee; found listed in RLDS church records. For some reason the last was not recorded in the bible.)