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Who's leaving flowers on Andrew Emmert's Grave???

Trying to find what relatives are putting flowers on ANDREW EMMERT'S grave in Morristown, Henry Co., cemetery?? Other Emmert's in that cemetery as well as Emmert's buried in the Colona Cemetery. Colona Cemetery is one behind corn field. Please get in touch with me as Andrew Emmert is my 3rd great grandfather.

Mary Margaret Jones

Who left the photos on Mae & Keith Moon's Grave

Last time I was at Fairview Cemetery near Annawan, I noticed laminated photos of young children, presumed to be the children of the late Keith Moon and grandchildren of Mae. These were attached to a flower urn between the two graves. I would like to hear from whoever is visiting this grave.

Susie Martin-Rott

Who REALLY owns the College Square property in Cambridge

This is a long one with research and historical documents. Click HERE to read and see if you can help Rhonda Rusk put an end to this question.