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Following is a list of photographers who at one time or another operated in Henry Co. Thanks to Gary Schneider & Larry Rogers for the list of Galva photographers.

Photographer Location, Dates of Operation
Allen & Shadbolt Cambridge
Brown, J.R. Corner of State and Exchange, Geneseo
Buell's Art Gallery Geneseo
Buell, Jno. Geneseo
Bullard Cambridge operating in 1893
Carlson, R. A. "Fritz" Galva 1940's
Chidester Studio Galva
Davis, N.D. aka N.D. Davis City Gallery Corner of State and First, Geneseo
old enough to have been producing tintypes
Dempster Orion
Elliott .
Emery, J.W. Galva operational 1875
Goodley, George F. Galva
Greene & Kirkpatrick Geneseo
Greene, J.N.
aka Greene Photographic Gallery of Art
Greene's Art Gallery
Corner of State and North
Geneseo operational 1875
old enough to have been producing tintypes
Gurrad, John L. Galva c. 1865
relocated to LaSalle IL
Hammerstrand, Geri Galva (died abt 1993-the most recently known from Galva)
Holcomb, O. Woodhull
Kirkpatrick, W.L. Geneseo operatioal in 1875
Luce, E.W. Kewanee
Listed as a daguerreian 1858-1859
Johnson, Andrew Kewanee
McKenzie, Hugh Geneseo, after 1900
Morrow, J.H. Galva
Myer, P.F. Galva
Norton & Johnson Kewanee c. 1870
Porter, Lizzie Geneseo
Pratt Studios Kewanee prior to 1887
Preston or Poston, L.E. Geneseo
Root Studio Cambridge
Stevens, C.R.
aka Stevens Portrait Photographer
Corner of State and Exchange
Strong Studio Kewanee
Wilson Kewanee
Wimermark, Pauline & Co Cambridge