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 Mizpah Class, Methodist Episcopal Church, Kewanee, IL, June 1919
First row (L to R): Rev. Lewis (the pastor), Mrs. Townsend, Mrs. Dayson, Mrs. Gillispie, Mrs. Dailey, Mrs. Bottopff, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Keeler, Mrs Heaps, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. West, J.E. Hawthorne.
2nd row: Mrs. Young, Mrs. Lee Young, Miss Deutchland, Mrs. Rinker, Mrs. White, Mrs. Wresten, Mrs. Stiles, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Lewis (teacher), Mrs. Will Guest, Mrs. Benjamin, Mrs Mottery, Mrs. Ed Gates, Mrs Ada Hull, Mrs. McCready, Mrs Wm. Walker.
3rd row: Mrs. Frighsand, Mrs. Kildaorr, Miss Hall, Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Jay Gees, Mrs. Elliott, Mrs Will Wilson, Mrs Fudge, Mrs Lindburg, Mrs. Cady, Mrs. C.H. Myers, Mrs. Sarah Miller, Mrs. John Hawkes, Mrs. Murcheson, Mrs. Walker, Miss Despaine, Mrs. Despaine, Mrs. Winecoop
4th row (on porch): Mrs. W. R. Curtis, Mrs. Harold Green, Mrs. Geo. Hawkes, Mrs. Meikle, Mrs. Knox, Mrs. Olive Ballentine, Mrs. Neville, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Frank Janes.
Contributed by Sharon Deaver


Sorry, we do not have the names of the individual students in this photograph. Contributed by Sharon Deaver


 JOHANNESSON (JOHNSON) SIBLINGS. Three of the four children of Carl & Emma Johannesson. They are (L-R): August Wilhelm "Will" Johnson (1872-1934), Carl Peter Algot "Algert" Johnson (1867-1956) and Hilda Antilia "Tillie" Johnson Maher (1874-1929) seated. Will is buried in Hayfield, Minnesota. Algert is buried in Woodhull, Ill. Tillie is buried at Viola, Ill. Contributed by Gary Jacobson of Rochester MN, Will was my great grandfather (mothers mothers father).