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 Carl Filip Beck and Johanna Lovisa Anderson. They came from Sweden to America thru Ellis Island. Johanna, known as Hannah, came in 1884 and Carl came in 1886. They married in Chicago in 1893. They had 1 child, Ellen Marie Beck Stanley of Kewanee, Henry County, Illinois.
Courtesy of Janice Mercer (Great Grandparents)



 Ira Stanley and Ellen Marie Beck. Ira was born and raised in Kewanee, son of William and Mathilda Peterson Stanley. Ellen was born in St. David, Fulton Co, IL, daughter of Carla and Johanna (Hannah Anderson) Beck. Her parents moved to Kewanee when she was 3 years old and she spent the rest of her life there. Ira served in WW I and Ellen was secretary to General Pershing and General Bradley during the war. After the war Ira worked at the Walworth in Kewanee, retiring in 1958. Ellen worked for the Public Service in Kewanee after the war. They resided in the house William Stanley built on North Main Street in Kewanee until their deaths; Ira at 78 in 1971 and Ellen at 90 in 1984. Their daughter now resides there. They are the Grandparents of Janice Mercer of Iowa who contributed this photo.


WILLIAM TITUS STANLEY, Jr. and wife Matilda PETERSON. William was born and raised in Kewanee, son of William Titus Stanley, Sr. and Mary Ann Whitehouse who came to the United States from Dudley, Worcestershire, England. Matilda came from Sweden, the daughter of Andrew Peterson and Christina Olsson. William Jr and Mathilda were married in Kewanee in 1890. William built the house in which his granddaughter still resides on North Main St. in Kewanee. Mary Ann Whitehouse Stanley as the sister of Rosannah Whitehouse Lamb, also pictured in this album. Photo by Strong Studio, Kewanee IL. They are the Great Grandparents of Janice Mercer of Iowa.