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Anna Marie (Annie) Woodward and husband Mason Bryner relocated from Kewanee to Ohio and then to Florida
Courtesy of Susie Martin-Rott


 Help is needed in identifying this photo submitted by Kay Dreiss, Kay advises the photo was found in the attic of deceased relative, Charles ATWOOD and his wife Gora. Charles also had a sister Delia Atwood Smith. The photo, taken in 1899, shows a football team. According to Kay's research there was a football team in Geneseo at that time, and the initials "H.C" shown in the photo may of course stand for Henry County. Any information on the background of this team and the identities of the players shown in this photo would be greatly appreciated


 This photo was scanned with research notes attached and taken to a MARTIN family reunion in hopes of identifying the date/location of the group. In the back row (first boy from the left) is John Martin born 1898 in Kewanee. It is known that the Thomas Martin family, of which John was the oldest son, moved to Lamoni IA and subsequently to Cainsville Mo after October of 1910 but prior to August 1913. Depending upon the age of John in this photo, it may have been taken either in Kewanee Twp or in IA. Does anyone recognize this place or these children?