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Henry County In 1895

Historical Boundary Maps of Henry County

1825 Henry County Boundary Map

1827 Henry County Boundary Changes

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1836 Henry County Boundary Changes

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Henry County Township Map

1875 Henry County Plat Maps
Source: "Atlas of Henry Co. and the State of Illinois to Which is Added an Atlas of the United States Maps of the Hemispheres &c. &c. &c., Warner & Beers Publishers, Lakeside Building Cor. of Clark & Adams Sts., Chicago, 1875"; Submitted by Alice Gless

These maps are large and full color..loading time may vary according to your modem speed but they are worth the wait, as they contain the names of each lot owner!

1875 Map of All Townships

Alba Township:
Northeast Section Alba Twp
Northwest Section Alba Twp
Southeast Section Alba Twp
Southwest Section Alba Twp

Andover Township:
Northeast Section Andover Twp
Northwest Section Andover Twp
Southeast Section Andover Twp
Southwest Section Andover Twp

Annawan Township:
Northeast Section Annawan Twp
Northwest Section Annawan Twp
Southeast Section AnnawanTwp
Southwest Section Annawan Twp

Atkinson Township:
Northeast Section Atkinson Twp
Northwest Section Atkinson Twp
Southeast Section Atkinson Twp
Southwest Section Atkinson Twp

Burns Township:
Northeast Section Burns Twp
Northwest Section Burns Twp
Southeast Section BurnsTwp
Southwest Section Burns Twp

Cambridge Township:
Northeast Section Cambridge Twp
Northwest Section CambridgeTwp
Southeast Section Cambridge Twp
Southwest Section Cambridge Twp

Clover Township:
Eastern portion Clover Twp
Western portion Clover Twp

Colona Township:
West portion of Colona Twp; detail maps of Dayton and Oakley
North portion of Colona Twp
South portion of Colona Twp

Cornwall Township:
Northeast Section Cornwall Twp
Northwest Section Cornwall Twp
Southeast Section Cornwall Twp
Southwest Section Cornwall Twp

Edford Township:
Eastern portion Edford Twp
Western portion Edford Twp

Galva Township:
East Section Galva Twp
West Section Galva Twp

Geneseo Township:
Northeast Section Geneseo Twp
Northwest Section Geneseo Twp
Southeast Section Geneseo Twp
Southwest Section Geneseo Twp

Hanna Township:
Eastern portion Hanna Twp
Western portion Hanna Twp

Kewanee Township:
Northeast Section Kewanee Twp
Northwest Section Kewanee Twp
Southeast Section Kewanee Twp
Southwest Section Kewanee Twp

Loraine Township:
Northeast Section Loraine Twp
Northwest Section Loraine Twp
Southeast Section Loraine Twp
Southwest Section Loraine Twp

Lynn Township:
Northeast Section Lynn Twp
Northwest Section Lynn Twp
Southeast Section Lynn Twp
Southwest Section Lynn Twp

Munson Township:
Northeast Section Munson Twp
Northwest Section Munson Twp
Southeast Section Munson Twp
Southwest Section Munson Twp

Osco Township:
Northeast Section Osco Twp
Northwest Section Osco Twp
Southeast Section Osco Twp
Southwest Section Osco Twp

Oxford Township:
Eastern portion Oxford Twp
Western portion Oxford Twp

Phenix Township:
Northeast Section Phenix Twp
Northwest Section Phenix Twp
Southeast Section Phenix Twp
Southwest Section Phenix Twp

Weller Township:
East Section Weller Twp
West Section Weller Twp

Wethersfield Township:
Northeast Section Wethersfield Twp
Northwest Section Wethersfield Twp
Southeast Section Wethersfield Twp
Southwest Section Wethersfield Twp

Western Township:
Northeast Section Western Twp
Northwest Section Western Twp
Southeast Section Western Twp
Southwest Section Western Twp

Yorktown Township:
Northeast Section Yorktown Twp
Northwest Section Yorktown Twp
Southeast Section Yorktown Twp
Southwest Section Yorktown Twp

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